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Vulnerabilities in Code Easily Mapped
In AltSci Concepts Computer Journal:Code, by Javantea on 2008-12-30 09:26:12.
Large scale SSH port mapping
In AltSci Concepts Computer Journal:Network Mapping, by Javantea on 2008-11-14 10:58:34.
Reverse Engineering Binary Kernel Drivers
In AltSci Concepts Computer Journal:Reverse Engineering, by Javantea on 2008-10-26 05:26:15.
AltSci Concepts C Shellcode Framework
In AltSci Concepts Computer Journal:Shellcode, by Javantea on 2008-10-17 20:42:23.
Programming With Linux in Mind
In AltSci Concepts Computer Journal:Linux, by Javantea on 2008-09-28 19:16:17.
TCPDump Watch Traffic Analysis
In AltSci Concepts Computer Journal:TCPDump Watch, by Javantea on 2008-04-27 18:50:45.
Network Mapping 4
In AltSci Concepts Computer Journal:Network Mapping, by Javantea on 2007-05-13 22:14:46.
Packet Capture Dump with libpcap
In AltSci Concepts Computer Journal:Packet Capture, by Javantea on 2007-05-10 10:51:59.
Practical Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
In AltSci Concepts Computer Journal:Cryptography, by Javantea on 2007-05-09 01:57:55.
librsvg and Python
In AltSci Cell:Javantea's Blog, by Javantea on 2007-03-11 21:16:31.
Cell Dynamic Sky System 2
In AltSci Cell:Javantea's Blog, by Javantea on 2007-02-20 20:25:20.
Spam Server Analysis
In AltSci Concepts Computer Journal:spam, by Javantea on 2006-12-06 20:33:41.
AI Coder for Fuzzing Scripting Languages
In AltSci Concepts Computer Journal:Fuzzing, by Javantea on 2006-11-15 00:39:13.
Bittorrent Protocol Attack
In AltSci Concepts Computer Journal:Bittorrent, by Javantea on 2006-11-13 14:37:32.

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