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With the infantry heavily engaged, Eugene's cavalry picked its way across the Nebel.
After an initial success, his first line of cavalry, under the Imperial General of Horse, Prince Maximilian of Hanover, were pressed by the second line of Marsin's cavalry, and were forced back across the Nebel in confusion.
Nevertheless, the exhausted French were unable to follow up their advantage, and the two cavalry forces tried to regroup and reorder their ranks.
However, without cavalry support, and threatened with envelopment, the Prussian and Danish infantry were in turn forced to pull back across the Nebel.
Panic gripped some of Eugene's troops as they crossed the stream.
Ten infantry colours were lost to the Bavarians, and hundreds of prisoners taken ; it was only through the leadership of Eugene and the Prussian Prince that the Imperialist infantry were prevented from abandoning the field.

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