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Voiced by Tracy Grandstaff.
Daria is a sarcastic, vaguely alt-rockerish, nerdy girl who attends Highland High with Beavis and Butt-Head and she is one of the few people who sees the two for what they truly are.
While not above taking jabs at them for their lack of intelligence, she also offers occasional help and advice.
The duo nicknamed her " Diarrhea " but once said she was cool after she asked President Clinton a pertinent question during a school assembly.
She eventually went on to star in her own spin-off series, Daria.
Daria is not featured in the newer episodes, but she will make a cameo, according to an August 2011 Rolling Stone interview with Mike Judge.
In the episode " Drones ", Beavis mentions something taking place " after Daria killed herself " and Butt-head incredulously tells him that Daria did not die but merely moved to a different city.
She was the only character created at the request of MTV, who wanted a female character who could tolerate and handle the duo.
Judge agreed with the idea, and worked on her with series writer David Felton.

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