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The trio began work on their third major release, How Does Your Garden Grow ?, soon after the end of touring for Friction, Baby.
The album was recorded between mid-January and late-April at a studio in New Orleans.
The album was produced by record producer Malcolm Burn and released on August 25, 1998.
The album was described as " experimental " and a significant departure from their previous two albums.
Griffin described the album in 1998 as " guitar driven ...
" Likewise, Tom Drummond described the band's thinking on its third major album, " We thought the third album was a very important record, because generally a band either makes or breaks on the third record.
We wanted it to be a record that didn't necessarily sound like what people expected.
" Despite the emphasis on guitar experimentation, two tracks, " One More Murder " and " Je ne m ' en souviens pas " contain no guitars.

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