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Again, other parts of the Boii had remained closer to their traditional home, and settled in the Slovak and Hungarian lowlands by the Danube and the Mura, with a centre at Bratislava.
Around 60 BC they clashed with the rising power of the Dacians under their king Burebista and were defeated.
When the Romans finally conquered Pannonia in 8 AD, the Boii seem not to have opposed them.
Their former territory was now called deserta Boiorum ( deserta meaning ' empty or sparsely populated lands ').
However, the Boii had not been exterminated: There was a civitas Boiorum et Azaliorum ( the Azalii being a neighbouring tribe ) which was under the jurisdiction of a prefect of the Danube shore ( praefectus ripae Danuvii ).
This civitas, a common Roman administrative term designating both a city and the tribal district around it, was later adjoined to the city of Carnuntum.

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