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Filming for Crossroads initiated in March 2001 in Baton Rouge and Hammond, Louisiana, near Spears ' hometown.
Due to the fact that Spears was also recording her third studio album along with the film's production, filming only wrapped up after six months.
Additional scenes were filmed in Los Angeles, California.
Crossroads had a total budget of $ 10 million ; a relatively low budget by industry standards.
According to the Louisiana Film and Video Commission, the film was originally titled What Friends are For.
Spears described it as a teen movie that deals with real issues that normal teenagers live on a daily basis.
She continued to explain the film's content, saying that it " is about this journey that the three of us best friends take, finding ourselves and what we want out of life and getting our friendship back.
Friends are all you have at the end of the day.
When your boyfriend breaks up with you, who do you call?
Your girlfriend.
I just love that message.

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