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In 1948, he returned to the US to head the Strategic Air Command ( SAC ) at Offutt Air Force Base, replacing Gen George Kenney.
When LeMay took over command of SAC, it consisted of little more than a few understaffed B-29 bombardment groups left over from World War II.
Less than half of the available aircraft were operational, and the crews were undertrained.
Base and aircraft security standards were minimal.
Upon inspecting a SAC hangar full of US nuclear strategic bombers, LeMay found a single Air Force sentry on duty, armed only with a ham sandwich.
After ordering a mock bombing exercise on Dayton, Ohio, LeMay was shocked to learn that most of the strategic bombers assigned to the mission missed their targets by one mile or more.
" We didn't have one crew, not one crew, in the entire command who could do a professional job " noted LeMay.

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