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The leading figure of the double bass in the early 20th century was Serge Koussevitzky, best known as conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, who popularized the double bass in modern times as a solo instrument.
Because of improvements to the double bass with steel strings and better set-ups, the bass is now played at a more advanced level than ever before and more and more composers have written works for the double bass.
In the mid-century and in the following decades, many new concerti were written for the double bass, including Nikos Skalkottas's Concerto ( 1942 ), Eduard Tubin's Concerto ( 1948 ), Lars-Erik Larsson's Concertino ( 1957 ), Gunther Schuller's Concerto ( 1962 ), and Hans Werner Henze's Concerto ( 1966 ).

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