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Although Thomas had a deep connection with Wales, he disliked Welsh nationalism.
He once wrote, " Land of my fathers, and my fathers can keep it ".
Robert Pocock, a friend from the BBC, recalled " I only once heard Dylan express an opinion on Welsh Nationalism.
He used three words.
Two of them were Welsh Nationalism.
" Although not expressed as strongly, Glyn Jones believed that he and Thomas ' friendship cooled in the later years as he had not ' rejected enough ' of the elements that Thomas disliked – " Welsh nationalism and a sort of hill farm morality ".
Apologetically, in a letter to Keidrych Rhys, editor of literary magazine Wales, Thomas ' father wrote that he was " afraid Dylan isn't much of a Welshman ".
Though FitzGibbon asserts that Thomas ' negativity towards Welsh nationalism was fostered by his father's hostility towards the Welsh language.

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