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As Soviet troops close in on Berlin, the Hitler Youth at the school are sent to the front.
There Solek manages to surrender.
His captors refuse to believe that he is a Jew.
" If you're a Jew, why don't you look like this?
" demands a Soviet officer as he shows Solek photos of murdered Jews from the death camps they had liberated.
They are about to have Solek shot by an elderly Communist political prisoner ( wearing a red triangle on his camp uniform ) when Solek's brother Isaak, just released from a concentration camp, identifies Solek and saves him.
Before leaving the camp, Isaak tells Solek to never reveal his story to anyone, saying it would never be believed.
He is released shortly thereafter and emigrates to the British Mandate of Palestine, the future state of Israel, where he embraces his Jewish heritage.
The films ends with the real Solomon Perel, as an old man, singing a jewish folk song from the Zohar book, concerning brotherhood, unity and fellowship.

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