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Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film a three star rating ( out of four ) describing it as " a fairly sophisticated satire.
" He praised the film's sense of surrealism, comedic timing, and " grubby, low-budget intensity.
" Ebert states that " if you know it's all special effects, and if you've seen a lot of other movies and have a sense of humor, you might have a great time at Evil Dead 2.
" Richard Harrington of the Washington Post wrapped up his review stating that " the acting is straight out of ' 50s B movies.
The exposition is clumsy, the sound track corny, the denouement silly.
Then again, who said bad taste was easy?
" Conversely, Pat Graham of Chicago Reader disliked the mix of horror and comedy, writing in his review that " The pop-up humor and smirkiness suggest Raimi's aspiring to the fashionable company of the brothers Coen, though on the basis of this strained effort I'd say he's overshot the mark.

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