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According to Jewish eschatology, the " higher Gan Eden " is called the " Garden of Righteousness ".
It has been created since the beginning of the world, and will appear gloriously at the end of time.
The righteous dwelling there will enjoy the sight of the heavenly Chayot carrying the throne of God.
Each of the righteous will walk with God, who will lead them in a dance.
Its Jewish and non-Jewish inhabitants are " clothed with garments of light and eternal life, and eat of the tree of life " ( Enoch 58, 3 ) near to God and His anointed ones.
This Jewish rabbinical concept of a " higher Gan Eden " is opposed by the Hebrew terms Gehinnom and Sheol, figurative names for the place of spiritual purification for the wicked dead in Judaism, a place envisioned as being at the greatest possible distance from " heaven ".

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