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The Great Pyramid consists of an estimated 2. 3 million limestone blocks with most believed to have been transported from nearby quarries.
The Tura limestone used for the casing was quarried across the river.
The largest granite stones in the pyramid, found in the " King's " chamber, weigh 25 to 80 tonnes and were transported from Aswan, more than 500 miles away.
Traditionally, ancient Egyptians cut stone blocks by hammering wooden wedges into the stone which were then soaked with water.
As the water was absorbed, the wedges expanded, causing the rock to crack.
Once they were cut, they were carried by boat either up or down the Nile River to the pyramid.
It is estimated that 5. 5 million tons of limestone, 8, 000 tons of granite ( imported from Aswan ), and 500, 000 tons of mortar were used in the construction of the Great Pyramid.

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