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After filming was complete on Scarface, Hawks left Hughes to fight the legal battles and returned to First National to fulfill his contract, this time with producer Darryl F. Zanuck.
For his next film, Hawks wanted to make a film about his childhood passion: car racing.
The Crowd Roars is loosely based on the play The Barker: A Play of Carnival Life by Kenyon Nicholson.
Hawks developed the script with Seton Miller for their eighth and final collaboration and the script was by Miller, Kubec Glasmon, John Bright and Niven Busch.
The film starred James Cagney, Eric Linden, Joan Blondell and Ann Dvorak.
In the film, Cagney plays a race car driver who tries to " protect " his younger brother Linden, who is also a driver, from being distracted by his girlfriend, Blondell.
At the same time, Cagney must hide his own neurotic girlfriend, played by Dvorak, from his younger brother.
Blondell and Dvorak were initially cast in each other's roles but swapped after a few days of shooting.
Shooting began on December 7, 1931 at Ascot Motor Speedway and wrapped on February 1, 1932.
Hawks used real race car drivers in the film, including the 1930 Indianapolis 500 winner Billy Arnold.
The film was released in March and became a hit.

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