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In the ' Amar ' form of Kabaddi, whenever any player is touched ( out ), he does not go out of the court, but stays inside, and one point is awarded to the team that touched him.
This game is also played on a time basis, i. e. the time is fixed.
This form of kabaddi is played in Punjab, Canada, England, New Zealand, USA, Pakistan and Australia.
In the Amar form of Kabaddi, each team consists of 5 – 6 stoppers and 4 – 5 raiders.
At one time, only 4 stoppers are allowed to play on the field.
Every time a stopper stops the raider from going back to his starting point, that stoppers team gets 1 point.
On the other hand, every time the raider tags one of the stoppers and returns to his starting point, his team gets one point.
At one time, only one of the stoppers can try. dimensions are 10m x 13m.

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