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Kubera is recognized outside India and Hinduism as well.
Kubera is a popular figure in Buddhist as well as Jain mythology.
The Orientalist Dr. Nagendra Kumar Singh remarked that, " Every Indian religion has a Kubera after the Hindu prototype ".
He is his namesake in the Buddhist Vaisravana or Jambhala, and the Japanese Bishamon.
The Buddhist Vaisravana, like the Hindu Kubera, is the reagent of the North, a Loka-pala and the Lord of Yakshas.
He is one of the Four Heavenly Kings, each associated with a cardinal direction.
In Buddhist legends, Kubera is also equated with PaƱcika, whose wife Hariti is the symbol of abundance.
The iconography of Kubera and Pancika is so similar that in certain cases, A. Getty comments, it is extremely difficult to distinguish between Pancika and Kubera.

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