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The " Lessons in Love " single arrived in early 1986 — a song that would soon appear on 1987's Running in the Family album.
The song was a massive international hit and became the band's biggest seller.
It gave Level 42 their first number one in Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and South Africa, increasing the band's popularity considerably ( it also placed at No. 2 in Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden, No. 3 in the UK and in Ireland, No. 4 in Austria, No. 10 in Norway, No. 12 in the US in 1987, No. 18 in New Zealand and No. 22 in France ).
Further singles from Running in the Family continued and built on the band's existing success: " To Be With You Again " ( No. 6 in the Netherlands and in Ireland ), the ballad " It's Over " ( No. 3 in Ireland and No. 7 in the Netherlands ) and Running In The Familys title track ( No. 1 in Norway and Denmark, No. 3 in the Netherlands, No. 4 in Ireland, No. 5 in Switzerland, No. 7 in Norway and No. 9 in New Zealand ).
The album itself was a major international success, reaching the Top 10 in numerous countries ,.

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