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The original volumetric was developed during the 1950s by Kurt Freund in then-Czechoslovakia.
Freund later wrote, " In the early fifties homosexual interaction was still an indictable offense in Czechoslovakia.
I was of course opposed to this measure, but I still thought, as did my colleagues at the psychiatric university hospital in Prague where I was working, that homosexuality was an experientially acquired neurosis " ( p. 223 ) He then developed phallometry to replace psychoanalytic methods of assessment because " sychoanalysis had turned out to be a failure, virtually unusable as an instrument for individual diagnosis or research .... When phallometry began to look promising as a test of erotic sex and age preferences, we started using it mainly as a test of pedophilia, that is determining who has an erotic preference for children over adults " ( p. 223-224 ).

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