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Philip also had at least eighteen illegitimate children by various of his 24 documented mistresses, including: Corneille of Burgundy ( c. 1420-1452 ), captain-general / governor of Luxembourg., killed in the Battle of Basel ( 1452 ); Anthony, bastard of Burgundy, ( 1421-1504 ), lord of La Roche, Sainte-Menehould, Guînes, Lord of Crèvecoeur and Beveren ; David of Burgundy, ( c. 1427-1496 ), bishop of Therouanne and bishop of Utrecht, was a fine amateur artist, and the subject of a biography in 1529 ; Anne of Burgundy ( c. 1435-1508 ), governess of Mary of Burgundy, married Adrian of Borssele and later Adolph of Cleves, Lord of Ravenstein ; Raphaël of Burgundy, also called Raphaël de Marcatellis, ( c. 1437-1508 ), abbot of the Saint-Bavo Abbey in Gent and the Saint-Peter Abbey in Oudenburg ; Baldwin of Burgundy ( c. 1446-1508 ), Lord of Fallais, Peer, Boudour, Sint-Annaland, Lovendegem, Zomergem en Fromont ; and Philip of Burgundy ( 1464-1524 ), Bishop of Utrecht.
Corneille and Anthony were his favorite bastard sons and successively bore the title of Grand bâtard de Bourgogne ( first Corneille and after his death, Anthony ).

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