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Radegast, also Radigost, Redigast, Riedegost or Radogost, is mentioned by Adam of Bremen in his Gesta Hammaburgensis Ecclesiae Pontificum as the deity worshipped in the Lutician city of Rethra.
Likewise, Helmold in his Chronica Slavorum wrote of Radegast as a Lutician god.
However, Thietmar of Merseburg wrote in his Chronicon that the pagan Luticians in their holy city of " Radegast " worshipped many gods, the most important of which was called Zuarasici, identified as either Svarog or Svarožič.
According to Adam of Bremen, Johannes Scotus, Bishop of Mecklenburg, was sacrificed to that deity on 10 November 1066, during a Wendish pagan rebellion against Christianity.

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