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Some Greek officials considered Revolutionary Struggle ( EA ), the group that fired a Chinese-made RPG-7 rocket-propelled grenade at the U. S. Embassy in Athens in January 2007, to be a spin-off of 17N.
However, three self-admitted EA members arrested in April 2010 claimed that they were anarchists — a designation 17N rejected in its proclamations.
For many years, leading politicians of the right-wing New Democracy party, as well as the conservative press, falsely claimed that Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou was the mastermind behind 17N.
Virginia Tsouderou, who became Deputy Foreign Minister in the Mitsotakis government, and journalist Giorgos Karatzaferis ( later the founder and leader of a right-wing party, LAOS ) claimed that terrorism in Greece was controlled by Papandreist officers of Hellenic National Intelligence Service ( the Greek security and intelligence service ), and named Kostas Tsimas ( the head of EYP ) and Colonel Alexakis as two of the supposed controllers of 17N.
However, after 17N members were arrested, the only connection between the terrorist organization and PASOK was the fact that Dimitris Koufontinas was a member of PAMK ( the PASOK high school students organization ) and an admirer of Andreas Papandreou in his late teens.

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