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The word secular was inserted into the preamble by the Forty-second Amendment.
( 1976 ) It implies equality of all religions and religious tolerance & respect.
India, therefore does not have an official state religion.
Every person has the right to preach, practice and propagate any religion they choose.
The government must not favour or discriminate against any religion.
It must treat all religions with equal respect.
All citizens, irrespective of their religious beliefs are equal in front of law.
No religious instruction is imparted in government or government-aided schools.
Nevertheless, general information about all established world religions is imparted as part of the course in Sociology, without giving any importance to any one religion or the others.
The content presents the basic / fundamental information with regards to the fundamental beliefs, social values and main practices and festivals of each established world religions.
The Supreme Court in S. R Bommai v. Union of India held that secularism was an integral part of the basic structure of the constitution.

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