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At once the most simply motivated and the least understood of the Triat, the Wyld is an unpredictable force that has little interest in hierarchies, fixed domains, or even names ( Naming, according to myth, is a creation of the Weaver ).
At its most extreme it represents creative chaos unbridled by rules.
At more subdued levels, however, it is associated with untamed nature.
As such, it does not so much create realms for itself as it brushes past places, objects, and beings, leaving its mark on them.
In keeping with its total disinterest in civilization, its few servitors in the physical world ( labeled " Gorgons " by the Garou ) are wild animals blessed with unique abilities, acting as paragons of their species.
Needless to say, no two Gorgons are alike, and many seem not to have a clear purpose-they simply exist.

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