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While the cultures of White Gryphon and Iftel seem to have remained geared toward permanent settlement and habitation, this same cannot be said for the Tayledras and the Shin ' a ' in.
In the Shin ' a ' in is a habitation of widely arrayed colors of tents and pavilions, moving clans, roaming within a territory, masters of the breeding of warhorses whose intelligence is quite legendary and insinuated to be only narrowly shy of the sentience of Companions.
Conversely, the Tayledras live in Vales they create, centered on a Heartstone, fed by ley-lines and used to maintain a number of spells which maintain the suitable growth of foliage which becomes a beautiful and exotic locale, with magically powered springs of cool, warm, and hot water, as many for bathing as for swimming and trysting, and monumental trees far beyond the range of what could ever possibly be grown naturally.
Living in ekeles in these trees from as high as they dare all the way down to very nearly ground level, these Vales invariably bear populations of hertasi in accompaniment, as well as typically being surrounded by roving bands of tervardi who live nearby, as well for that matter as kyree being found local along with one or more herds of dyheli-all of whom are allies of the Tayledras in the Pelagir Hills and Pelagiris Forest.

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