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Ruins of the Temple of Apollo Zoster have been excavated and can be viewed inside the public Astir Hotel beach.
According to legend, when Leto was about to give birth to Apollo and Artemis, she fled writhing in pain to Delos.
During her flight she discarded her girdle, which fell on the Mikro Kavouri peninsula.
When her son, the god Apollo, was born, he picked up the discarded girdle and girdled himself in honour of his mother, and was hence named " Zoster " ( Girt ).
Other remnants of early human habitation found in Vouliagmeni include Neolithic and Bronze Age building foundations, and a 5th century BC outpost.
In classical times the area was the deme of Aixōnídes Halaí (), i. e. the Saltfields of Aixōnē ( modern day Glyfada ).
The deme's citizens were called Ἁλαεῖς, Halaeīs.

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