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An international tour, directed and choreographed by Joey McKneely and produced by BB Promotion, has been performed for the past several years playing in Tokyo, Paris, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Singapore, São Paulo, Taiwan, China, Italy, Rotterdam and Madrid.
This production has starred such performers as Kirsten Rossi / Elisa Cordova / Sofia Escobar / Ali Ewoldt as Maria, Ryan Silverman / Scott Sussman / Chad Hilligus as Tony, Lana Gordon / Oneika Phillips / Desiree Davar as Anita, Spencer Howard / Brett Leigh ( also playing Action )/ Denton Tarver as Riff and Emmanuel de Jesús Silva / Marco Santiago / Oscar as Bernardo.
Lindsay Dunn, Tanari Vasquez, Adam Lendormon, Marla Mcreynolds, Samuel Ladd, Sean Samuels, Kimberly Wolff ( Graziella ), Sean Patrick Doyle ( Baby John ), Jeremy Dumont ( Arab ), Sarah Dobbs ( Anybodys ), and Maya Flock ( Rosalia ) have also rounded out the cast.

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