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Woodhouse is a housing estate in the suburbs of Whitehaven, between Kells and Greenbank.
Police, the local council, and people living in the Woodhouse community have worked very hard to improve the condition of public areas, the reputation, and the crime levels on the estate.
Woodhouse was created as a council estate, but some tenants later bought their homes.
The estate has a fish and chip shop, general store and pub.
There are also two taxi firms and regular buses running to and from the town centre.
The estate has three surrounding schools which cater for infants and juniors, St. Mary's, Kells county infants school, and Monkwray Junior school.
The estate has local centres and public parks for children of all ages to use.
Every summer there is a play-scheme, two days a week, which caters for over one hundred children during the school holiday, featuring trips to farm parks and theme parks.
Regular meetings upon the estate are held by the council which allows the members of the public within the community to voice their opinions and concerns.

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