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Let us see just how typical Krim is.
He is New York-born and Jewish.
He spent one year at the University of North Carolina because Thomas Wolfe went there.
He returned to New York to work for The New Yorker, to edit a Western pulp, to `` duck the war in the OWI '', to write publicity for Paramount Pictures and commentary for a newsreel, then he began his career as critic for various magazines.
Now he has abandoned all that to be A Writer.
I do not want to quibble about typicality ; ;
in a certain sense, one manner of experience will be typical of any given group while another will not.
But I've got news for Krim: he's not typical, he's pretty special.
His may typify a certain kind of postwar New York experience, but his experience is certainly not typical of his `` generation's ''.
In any case, who ever thought that New York is typical of anything??

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