from Brown Corpus
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We heard him before he ever showed, and we heard him yelling after he was out of sight.
Solomon Chandler hadn't misjudged the strength of his lungs, not at all.
I think you could have heard him a mile away, and he was bursting at every seam with importance.
I have observed that being up on a horse changes the whole character of a man, and when a very small man is up on a saddle, he'd like as not prefer to eat his meals there.
That's understandable, and I appreciate the sentiment.
As for this rider, I never saw him before or afterwards and never saw him dismounted, so whether he stood tall or short in his shoes, I can't say ; ;
but I do know that he gave the day tone and distinction.
The last thing in the world that resembled a war was our line of farmers and storekeepers and mechanics perched on top of a stone wall, and this dashing rider made us feel a good deal sharper and more alert to the situation.

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