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In this same period, six new fascicles of the Atlas Of Tumor Pathology were published and distributed to medical centers world-wide.
There were 54,320 copies of fascicles sold and 642 copies distributed free during this period.
Forty-five new Clinico-pathologic Conferences were prepared, bringing the total to 61 available for loan distribution.
Nine new teaching Clinico-pathologic Conference sets were prepared, which makes a total of 70 types of teaching sets for loan.
During this period, 7,827 teaching sets were distributed on loan.
The Clinico-pathologic Conferences have been acknowledged as of great value and in consequent great demand by the small isolated military hospitals.
The demand for teaching sets continues unabated since they provide the means for the military physicians to review the pathology of selected disease processes or organ systems for review of basic sciences and correlation of clinical physiological behavior with structural changes.
The Medical Museum
In fiscal year 1959, the Medical Museum was moved to Chase Hall, a temporary building on Independence Avenue at Ninth Street, Southwest, and continued to display to the public the achievements of the Armed Forces Medical Services.
During the period of this report, 63 panel exhibits depicting the latest developments in medical research were displayed.
Of the 375 exhibits ( of all types ) shown, 161 were new or refurbished.
Of the 885 specimens newly mounted or refurbished, 254 were prepared for other agencies.
Eighty-five specimens were loaned for study purposes.
An exhibit, `` Macropathology -- An Ancient Art, A New Science '', was presented at the annual meeting of the American Medical Association.

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