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There are no data published in the literature on the shape of low viscosity drops to confirm the above formulas.
However, there are photographs of suspended drops of cyclohexanol phthalate ( viscosity 155 poises ) suspended in corn syrup of 71 poises in a paper by Mason and Bartok.
This viscosity of the material in the drops is, of course, not negligible.
Measurements on the photograph in this paper give Af at the maximum rate of shear of Af.
If it is assumed that the formula given by Lodge of cosec Af applies, the pressure difference along the major axes can be calculated from the angle of inclination of the major axis, and from this the interfacial tension can be calculated.
Its value was Af from the above data.
This appears to be high, as would be expected from the appreciable viscosity of the material in the drops.

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