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She was so heavy that Maggie's arms shook from lifting her and taking care of her.
Maggie couldn't seem to get her strength back or catch up with herself with all she had to do: there was the big basket of clothes to be coaxed through the rackety old washer and lugged out and lugged back ; ;
there was the daily round of household chores in which Maggie insisted on participating.
Worry had a great deal to do with it ; ;
Stuart had been laid off at the produce company and had to go back to sitting in his father's office, taking what salary his father could hand out to him.
Mr. Clifton would have preferred death and bankruptcy to having his son stay with his wife's people without contributing to his and his family's upkeep, and besides that there were the things that had to be bought for the baby, milk and orange juice and vitamins and soap, just plain soap.
Maggie and Stuart pored over figures every night, trying to find how they could squeeze out a few pennies more.

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