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Álfheim and abode
The High King of the Elves in the West was Ingwë, an echo of the name Yngvi often found as a name for Frey, whose abode was in Álfheim according to the Grímnismál.

Álfheim and Elves
The 20th-century fantasy writer J. R. R. Tolkien anglicized Álfheim as Elvenhome, or Eldamar in the speech of the Elves.

Álfheim and is
That which is called Álfheim is one, where dwell the peoples called Light elves ; but the Dark-elves dwell down in the earth, and they are unlike in appearance, but by far more unlike in nature.
It is not indicated whether these heavens are identical to Álfheim or distinct.
The elf makes many appearances in ballads of English and Scottish origin, as well as folk tales, many involving trips to Elphame or Elfland ( the Álfheim of Norse mythology ), a mystical realm which is sometimes an eerie and unpleasant place.
In Hervarar saga, the dísablót is also held in autumn, and is performed by a woman, the daughter of King Álfr of Álfheim, who " reddens the hörgr with sacrifices and is subsequently rescued by the god Thor after she has been abducted ; John Lindow suggests that the passage depicts a model of heathen behaviour.
Nór's new kingdom is now said to have been what is south-eastern Norway today, as it extended from Jötunheim mountains in the north to what was later known as Álfheim ( roughly the modern Swedish Bohuslän ) in the south, the southern border of Nór's land being what is now the Glomma river whose southwestern course is not very far inside the southeastern border of modern Norway.
In Thorsteins saga Víkingssonar, Logi ( a descendant of giants ) is the husband to a niece of King Álf the Old of Álfheim who himself is the husband of Bergdís the daughter of King Raum ( Raumr ) of Raumaríki.
In the other accounts Logi is the brother of Kári who is a distant ancestor of Raum the Old who is father of Álf or Finnálf ( Finnálfr ), king of Álfheim.

Álfheim and mentioned
Modern commentators speculate ( or sometimes state as fact ) that Álfheim was one of the nine worlds ( heima ) mentioned in stanza 2 of the eddic poem Völuspá.

Álfheim and Old
The saga tells that Hálogi's wife was Glöd ( Glǫð ' glad '), the daughter of Grím ( Grímr ) of Grímsgard ( Grímsgarðr ) in Jötunheim in the far north and her mother was Alvör ( Alvǫr ) the sister of King Álf the Old (' Álfr hinn gamli ') of Álfheim.

Álfheim and .
In several Scots and in Northern Middle English folkoric ballads, Álfheim was known in as Elphame or Elfhame.
Snorri in the Prose Edda states that the light elves dwell in Álfheim while the dark elves dwell underground.
They are also found in the Heimskringla and in The Saga of Thorstein, Viking's Son accounts of a line of local kings who ruled over Álfheim, and since they had elven blood they were said to be more beautiful than most men.
* A princess of Álfheim.
Raum in this account also ruled the land of Álfheim to the south.
Álfhildr was the daughter of king Álfr of Álfheim ( modern Bohuslän ) and like the people of Álfheim, she was very beautiful.
According to the Hversu, Finnalf inherited the land of East Dale ( Eystri-Dal, probably the modern Dal ) and all the land north of Lake Vænir ( modern Lake Vänern ) from the Gaut Elf river ( the modern Göta älv river ) north to the Raum Elf river ( the modern Glomma river ), and that the land was then called Álfheim.
Alternative Anglicizations are: Álf: Alf ; Álfheim: Alfheim ; Bergdís: Bergdis ; Björn: Bjorn ; Björnólf: Bjornolf ; Finnálf: Finnalf ; Gudröd: Gudrod ; Gunnlöd: Gunnlod ; Hálf: Half ; Halfdan: Hálfdan ; Hámund: Hamund ; Hródgeir: Hrodgeir ; Hrossbjörn: Hrossbjorn ; Högni: Hogni ; Höd: Hod, Hodr, Hoder, Hother ; Höddbrodd: Hoddbrodd ; Hróald: Hroald ; Hrók the Black: Rook the Black ; Hrók the White: Rook the White ; Hrólf: Hrolf ; Hrómund: Hromund ; Jötunbjörn: Jotunbjorn ; Kára: Kara ; Ketil Raum: Ketil the Large ; Lára: Lara ; Ólaf: Olaf ; Önund: Onund ; Raumaríki: Raumarike, Raumarik, Raum's-ric ; Sæfari: Saefari ; Sigrún: Sigrun ; Sól: Sol ; Sóleyjar: Soleyjar ; Sölva: Solva ; Sólveig: Solveig ; Sölvi: Solvi ; Thórolf: Thorolf ; Thrym: Thrymr ; Úlf: Ulf ; Útstein: Utstein.

abode and Elves
This word from Valarin was said to mean appointed dwelling, referring to the Earth as the abode of the Valar and / or Elves and Men.
The first division of the Elvish tongues befell when a large group of Elves left their first abode and followed the Vala Orome westward.

abode and is
Intangible property is taxable wherever the owner has a place of abode the greater portion of the year.
If your principal place of abode for the tax year is outside the United States ( including Alaska and Hawaii ), Puerto Rico, or the Virgin Islands and you have no legal residence or principal place of business in any Internal Revenue district in the United States, you should file your return with the Office of International Operations, Internal Revenue Service, Washington 25, D.C..
" Hall of the Slain " i. e. " the Chosen Ones ") This heavenly abode, somewhat analogous to the Greek Elysium, is reserved for those brave warriors who die heroically in battle.
" The Covered Hall ") This abode is somewhat like Hades from Ancient Greek religion: there, something not unlike the Asphodel Meadows can be found, and people who have neither excelled in that which is good nor excelled in that which is bad can expect to go there after they die and be reunited with their loved ones.
Islam teaches that the life we live on Earth is nothing but a test for us and to determine each individual's ultimate abode be it punishment or Jannat in the afterlife, which is eternal and everlasting.
It is clear that widespread respect was paid to animals as the abode of dead ancestors, and much of the cults to dangerous animals is traceable to this principle ; though there is no need to attribute an animistic origin to it.
It is said that another heaven is to the southward and upward of this one, and it is called Andlang ' Endlong ' but the third heaven is yet above that, and it is called Vídbláin ' Wide-blue ' and in that heaven we think this abode is.
:" Then there is also in that place the abode called Breidablik, and there is not in heaven a fairer dwelling.
The name is commonly translated as " harbor / haven of peace " or " abode / home of peace ", based on the Persian / Arabic bandar (" harbor ") or the Arabic dar (" house "), and the Arabic es salaam (" of peace ") ( cf.
The Ma ' ans chose for their abode the Chouf District in south-western Lebanon ( southern Mount Lebanon Governorate ), overlooking the maritime plain between Beirut and Sidon, and made their headquarters in Baaqlin, which is still a leading Druze village.
If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house residence or abode, or " inmates of the house " ( family ), neither bid him God speed: for he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.
According to Jainism, there is not one heavenly abode, but several layers to reward appropriately the souls of varying degree of karmit merits.
# Shamayim: The first Heaven, governed by Archangel Gabriel, is the closest of heavenly realms to the Earth ; it is also considered the abode of Adam and Eve.

abode and mentioned
In Dante's epic The Divine Comedy, Elysium is mentioned as the abode of the blessed in the lower world ; mentioned in connexion with the meeting of Aeneas with the shade of Anchises in the Elysian Fields.

abode and only
British nationality law defines six classes of British national, among which " British citizen " is one class ( and the only one having the right of abode in the United Kingdom ).
Passers-by must make some trifling offering as they near the spirits ' place of abode ; but it is only occasionally that mischievous acts, such as the throwing down of a tree on a passer-by, are, in the view of the natives, perpetuated by the class of spirits known as Ombuiri.
Fitzmaurice stayed out in rebellion ( only coming in to submit in 1573 ), and one month after Gilbert's return to England he retook Kilmallock with 120 foot, defeating the garrison and sacking the town for three days, leaving it " the abode of wolves ".
Then he explains that he took up his abode at Walden Woods so as to " live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.
Beneath the earth is Sheol, the abode of the rephaim ( shades ), although it is not entirely clear whether all who died became shades, or only the " mighty dead " ( compare Psalm 88: 10 with Isaiah 14: 9 and 26: 14 ).
* any other persons who had the right of abode only in Hong Kong before the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
# Persons other than those residents listed in categories ( 1 ) to ( 5 ), who, before the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, had the right of abode in Hong Kong only.
Under the Immigration Ordinance, a Chinese national applying for permanent residence and the right of abode under ( 2 ) above may qualify on the basis of any seven-year period in Hong Kong, while a non-Chinese national applying under ( 4 ) may only qualify on the basis of seven years immediately preceding the application.
Under this system, any person who claims to have the right of abode in Hong Kong can prove their status only by showing a certificate of right of abode issued by the Director of Immigration of Hong Kong.
On 26 June 1999, in line with the request of the HKSAR Government, the NPCSC issued its interpretation which makes it clear that children born outside Hong Kong will be eligible for the right of abode only if at least one of their parents has already acquired permanent residence status at the time of their birth.
Under the Federal Rules, substituted service may only be made at the abode or dwelling of the defendant.
In 1860 Cetshwayo, then only a Zulu prince, built a kraal here and named the place Eziqwaqweni ( the abode of robbers ).
Not only has her father selected the most isolated abode after retiring from his business interests in Sicily, but he has become even more reclusive and agitated due to the appearance of pictures of angels of death on his property.
" Not satisfied with his hermitage, which was only a mile from Clonenagh, and, therefore, liable to be disturbed by students or wayfarers, Óengus removed to a more solitary abode eight miles distant.
It was one version of paradise, though only in the sense of being the abode of supernatural entities, not an afterlife for deceased mortals.
The area was historically classed as an abode for whites only during the apartheid era, when formal classification of people by race was introduced into the South African political system.
Each state differs in the way it incorporates the castle doctrine into its laws, what premises are covered ( abode only, or other places too ), what degree of retreat or non-deadly resistance is required before deadly force can be used, etc.
Of all the six classes of British nationality, only the status of British citizen carries with it the right of abode somewhere ( in this case the UK ).
Fortunately, there was plentiful material for Cicero to build this profile, such as the Bona Dea incident in 62BC ; involving Clodius stealing into the abode of the Pontifex Maximus of the time, Julius Caesar, during the ritual festival of the Bona Dea, to which only women were allowed.
He prayed everyday that he should die only after finding an abode for Venugopala.
Sorrel reaches Gilbert's abode only to discover that he has been unable to, despite constant efforts, to locate the Rim of Heaven.
He went to their abode and only brought with him Finnr Árnason and Þormóðr Kolbrúnarskáld and they were all wearing grey cloaks to hide their identity.
* Abd-Allah ibn Umar narrates that a lady came to Muhammad and said: " For this son of mine, it is only my belly which was his abode, and my breasts which were his vessel and my lap which was his dwelling place.

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