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Æthelweard and charters
Æthelweard and Ælfweard re-appear as brothers and thegns ( ministri ) in the witness list of a spurious royal charter dated 974 This appears to be the same Æthelweard who regularly attests royal charters between 958 and 977 as the king's thegn and may have moved on to become the illustrious ealdorman of the Western Provinces and author of a Latin chronicle, in which he claimed descent from King Æthelred of Wessex ( d. 871 ), fourth son of King Æthelwulf.
This is a gross exaggeration, since Eadwig retained the title " king of the English " in his charters and Æthelweard envisaged a " continuous " reign.

Æthelweard and after
Æthelweard signs as dux or ealdorman in 973, and was accorded primacy among the ealdormen after 993.
Oshere, King of Hwicce, possibly jointly with his presumed brother Osric, and ( perhaps after Osric ) with Æthelmod, Æthelheard, Æthelweard, Æthelberht, and Æthelric.

Æthelweard and Eadwig
Æthelweard describes himself as the " grandson's grandson " of King Æthelred I. Eadwig was the son of King Edmund the Magnificent, grandson of King Edward the Elder, great-grandson of King Alfred the Great, and therefore great-great-nephew of King Æthelred I. Eadwig and Ælfgifu were therefore third cousins once removed.
In 957 King Eadwig, the great-grandson of King Æthelred I's brother, Alfred the Great, was obliged to divorce Æthelweard's sister Ælfgifu on grounds of consanguinity, and in the introduction to his Latin Chronicle Æthelweard claims to be the " grandson's grandson " of King Æthelred.
Assuming that the identification of Æthelweard as the brother of Ælfgifu is correct, his mother was the Æthelgifu whose company Eadwig enjoyed along with her daughter whilst escaping his coronation.

Æthelweard and is
King Alfred the Great and the chronicler Æthelweard identified this place with the district that is now called Angeln, in the province of Schleswig ( Slesvig ) ( though it may then have been of greater extent ), and this identification agrees with the indications given by Bede.
Æthelflæd is mentioned by King Alfred's biographer Asser, who calls her the first-born child of Alfred and Ealhswith and a sister to Edward, Æthelgifu, Ælfthryth and Æthelweard.
The chronicler Æthelweard is clearer on the point of agency, writing that it was Wulfstan and the ealdorman ( dux ) of the Mercians who deposed these ' deserters ' – perhaps born again pagans – and forced them to submit to Edmund.
Ælfgifu leaves a bequest to an Æthelflaed, who is either Æthelweard ’ s wife or his sister-in-law.
The conclusion which can be derived from these prosopographical byways is that if the ealdorman and chronicler Æthelweard was her brother, she must have shared with him a common ancestor in King Æthelred.
In this charter Æthelweard is styled subregulus, Osheri quondam regis Wicciorum filius.
Æthelric was a king of the Hwicce and son of Oshere ; it is possible that he reigned jointly with Æthelheard, Æthelweard, and Æthelberht.

Æthelweard and be
The historian Æthelweard claimed descent from King Æthelred and may therefore be a descendant of Æthelhelm.

Æthelweard and with
Some scholars have identified him with Æthelweard, the well-known chronicler and ealdorman of the western shires.
In the year 991 Æthelweard was associated with archbishop Sigeric in the conclusion of a peace with the victorious Danes from Maldon, and in 994 he was sent with Bishop Ælfheah of Winchester to make peace with Olaf Tryggvason at Andover.
Æthelheard, King of Hwicce ( an Anglo Saxon kingdom in the English midlands ) jointly with his presumed brothers Æthelweard, Æthelberht, and Æthelric.
In 692, together with Æthelweard, issued a charter to Abbess Cuthswith, and also witnessed a charter of Æthelred, King of Mercia, together with Æthelweard, Æthelberht, and Æthelric.
In 692 he witnessed a charter of Æthelred, King of Mercia S 75, together with Æthelheard, Æthelweard, and Æthelberht, and in 693 the four brothers witnessed a charter issued by their father Oshere S 53

Æthelweard and Ælfgifu
He later married Ælfgifu, who seems to have been the sister of Æthelweard the Chronicler.
It has been postulated that Æthelweard and his siblings Ælfweard, Ælfgifu and Ælfwaru were the children of Eadric, ealdorman of Hampshire.

Æthelweard and .
Æthelred's descendants include the tenth century historian, Æthelweard, and Æthelnoth, an eleventh century Archbishop of Canterbury.
The third ealdorman, Æthelweard, today best known for his Latin history, ruled in the west.
Æthelweard was a descendant of King Æthelred of Wessex and probably the brother of King Eadwig's wife.
* Chronicle of Æthelweard, ed.
Alistair Campbell, The Chronicle of Æthelweard.
The 12th-century historian William of Malmesbury, who seems unaware of any pre-existing minster, claims that one Æthelweard ( Egelwardus ), whom he describes as " ealdorman of Dorset ", had founded the abbey of Pershore in the time of King Edgar.
Osbert writes that an abbess of Nunnaminster had sold some relics to Æthelweard ( Alwardus ), who in turn handed them over for the refoundation of Pershore.
It has been suggested that he was a kinsman of the ealdorman Æthelweard.
Oshere was succeeded by his sons Æthelheard, Æthelweard and Æthelric.
Æthelweard ( also spelled Ethelward ), ( died c. 998 ) Anglo-Saxon historian, was descended from King Æthelred I ( who was the brother of Alfred the Great ), and was ealdorman or earl of the western provinces.
Æthelweard was the friend and patron of Ælfric of Eynsham, who in the preface to his Old English Lives of saints, addressed Æthelweard and his son Æthelmær.

first and witnesses
The photograph, Figure 1 of the completed frieze, shows how, having been separated from his fellows in useless isolation for eighty years, he has now been given a hand, and by juxtaposition ( and the permission of the Committee ), given a new job, to represent the witnesses of the first flight at Kitty Hawk in 1903.
Unlike the neutral Americans in the first incident, the only witnesses to the second attack were the German and British sailors present.
The Christian Church ( Disciples of Christ ) at the “ General Church ” level consists of a number of self-governing agencies, which focus upon specific Christian witnesses to the world that have emerged in the dialog within the movement since before the first convention in 1849.
Asked to explain herself she insisted on first summoning witnesses and after disclosing the rape called on him and them for vengeance, a plea that could not be ignored, as she was speaking to the chief magistrate of Rome.
By contrast, Leto labored for nine nights and nine days for Apollo, according to the Homeric Hymn to Delian Apollo, in the presence of all the first among the deathless goddesses as witnesses: Dione, Rhea, Ichnaea, Themis and the " loud-moaning " sea-goddess Amphitrite.
According to the Homeric hymn, the goddesses who assembled to be witnesses at the birth of Apollo were responding to a public occasion in the rites of a dynasty, where the authenticity of the child must be established beyond doubt from the first moment.
Mary Magdalene is honored as one of the first witnesses of the Resurrection of Jesus, and received a special commission from him to tell the Apostles of his resurrection.
The Myrrhbearers became the first witnesses to the Resurrection of Jesus, finding the empty tomb and hearing the joyful news from an angel.
Founded under the title Collegium Cultorum Martyrum, in 1879, the Pontifical Academy of Martyrs promotes devotion to them, enhances and deepens the exact history of the witnesses of the faith, and monuments related to them, from the first centuries of Christianity.
* May 9 – Samuel Pepys witnesses a Punch and Judy show in London ( the first on record ).
His clumsy attempts at solving the case frequently lead to misfortune for himself and others ; in the 1976 film The Pink Panther Strikes Again, he cannot even interview witnesses to a crime without falling down stairs, getting his hand caught in first a medieval knight's gauntlet and then a vase, knocking a witness senseless ( and voiceless ), destroying a priceless piano or accidentally shooting another officer in the backside.
A charter issued in the first year of Æthelberht's reign reflects an extraordinary new kind of assembly: it was the first charter of a West Saxon king to include a full complement both of West Saxon and of Kentish witnesses.
" All witnesses generally agreed that two shots were fired first, almost indistinguishable from each other.
Most witnesses reported the first two shots were so close together that they could barely be distinguished.
An ophthalmologist, Dr. Jose Aste Tonsmann, later enlarged an image of the Virgin's eyes by 2500x and claimed to have found not only the aforementioned single figure, but images of all the witnesses present when the tilma was first revealed before Zumárraga in 1531, plus a small family group of mother, father, and a group of children, in the center of the Virgin's eyes, fourteen persons in all.
However, eye witnesses maintained that the girder broke first and the fact that the locomotive remained on the track showed otherwise.
Richard witnesses them being first beaten and then taken away.
Once there, Manheim for the first time witnesses a self-conscious, desperate, and suffering Sammy Glick who cannot stand being alone in his big house.
The committee first met on 15 September 1954 and met on 62 days, 32 of which were used for interviewing witnesses.
His first wife, Catherine, a former nun who died at Oxford on 17 February 1553, was disinterred in 1557 and tried for heresy ; legal evidence was not forthcoming because witnesses had not understood her tongue ; and instead of the corpse being burnt, it was merely cast on a dunghill in the stable of the dean of Christ Church.
Meanwhile on the planet's surface, Riquinni witnesses the first snow fall and gazes into the sky, thinking of Lhadatt.
Gergel's overall figures, which are generally considered conservative, are based on the testimony of witnesses and newspaper reports collected by the Mizrakh-yidish historiche arkhiv, which was first based in Kiev, then Berlin and later New York.
Although loosely structured, the film is concerned mainly with four topics: Chełmno, where gas vans were first used to exterminate Jews ; the death camps of Treblinka and Auschwitz-Birkenau ; and the Warsaw Ghetto, with testimonies from survivors, witnesses, and perpetrators.

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