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and Discovering
Charlotte Perkins Gilman: Forerunner of a Feminist Social Science .” Discovering Reality: Feminist Perspectives on Epistemology, Metaphysics, Methodology and Philosophy of Science.
* Don D ’ Ammassa, The Subtle Terrors of Charles L. Grant ” in Discovering Modern Horror Fiction II ”, edited by Darrell Schweitzer, Starmont House, 1988
* Harris, Susan K. Harriet ( Elizabeth ) Beecher Stowe .” Discovering Authors 3. 0.
Lecture topics included The Discovering of Spirits ,” The Philosophy of the Spirit Circle ,” Hades ,” and What Is the Basis of the Connection of the Natural and Spiritual Worlds ?”

and Royal
According to its Memorandum & Articles of Association, its objectives are :- To act as Nominee or agent or attorney either solely or jointly with others, for any person or persons, partnership, company, corporation, government, state, organisation, sovereign, province, authority, or public body, or any group or association of them ....” Bank of England Nominees Limited was granted an exemption by Edmund Dell, Secretary of State for Trade, from the disclosure requirements under Section 27 ( 9 ) of the Companies Act 1976, because, it was considered undesirable that the disclosure requirements should apply to certain categories of shareholders .” The Bank of England is also protected by its Royal Charter status, and the Official Secrets Act.
During the Anglo-French War ( 1627 – 1629 ), under Charles I, by 1629 the Kirkes took Quebec City, Sir James Stewart of Killeith, Lord Ochiltree planted a colony on Cape Breton Island at Baleine, Nova Scotia and Alexander ’ s son, William Alexander, 1st Earl of Stirling established the first incarnation of New Scotland ” at Port Royal.
Sir John Call, member of Parliament and the Royal Society, and former chief engineer of the East India Company, stated the advantages of Norfolk Island in a proposal for colonization he put to the Home Office in August 1784: This Island has an Advantage not common to New Caledonia, New Holland and New Zealand by not being inhabited, so that no Injury can be done by possessing it to the rest of Mankind … there seems to be nothing wanting but Inhabitants and Cultivation to make it a delicious Residence.
The earliest documented origins of actual physical therapy as a professional group date back to Per Henrik Ling, Father of Swedish Gymnastics ,” who founded the Royal Central Institute of Gymnastics ( RCIG ) in 1813 for massage, manipulation, and exercise.
Robert Hooke and Giovanni Alfonso Borelli both expounded gravitation in 1666 as an attractive force ( Hooke ’ s lecture On gravity ” at the Royal Society, London, on 21 March ; Borelli ’ s " Theory of the Planets ", published later in 1666 ).
The premier of the revue Formidable ” is a Royal Variety Performance in Paris ”, one of the most prestigious official events in Britain, attended each year in London by a member of the Royal Family.
One fraction led by Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz were avid followers of the teachings of the American historian Alfred Thayer Mahan and believed in building a balanced fleet ” centred around the battleship that would, if war came, seek out and win a decisive battle of annihilation ( Entscheidungsschlacht ) against the Royal Navy.
In addition, a Royal Commission on medical education was set up, partly to draw up ideas for training GPS ( since these doctors, the largest group of all doctors in the country, had previously not received any special training, merely being those who, at the end of their pre-doctoral courses, did not go on for further training in any speciality ).
In contrast, a 2009 article in the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society noted that attempts to dismiss the hobbits as pathological people have failed repeatedly because the medical diagnoses of dwarfing syndromes and microcephaly bear no resemblance to the unique anatomy of Homo floresiensis .”
The island was invaded by a Royal Navy squadron led by Commodore Josias Rowley in 1810, who used the old name of Bourbon ”.
During the battle, Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Andrew Agnew of Lochnaw warned his Regiment The Royal Scots Fusiliers not to fire until they could see the whites of their e ’ en .” A noted wit, Sir Andrew is also quoted as addressing his regiment thus: " Lads, you see they loons ( young men ) on yon ' hill.
Some see the Royal Proclamation of 1763 as a fundamental document ” for First Nations land claims and self-government.
The Indians all know we cannot be a Match for them in the midst of an extensive woody Country ... from whence I infer that if we are determined to possess Our Posts, Trade & ca securely, it cannot be done for a Century by any other means than that of purchasing the favour of the numerous Indian inhabitants. With the proclamation, the British were trying to convince Native people that there was nothing to fear from the colonists, while at the same time trying to increase political and economic power relative to First Nations and other European powers .” However, the Royal Proclamation along with the subsequent Treaty of Niagara, provide for an argument that discredits the claims of the Crown to exercise sovereignty over First Nations ” and affirms Aboriginal powers of self-determination in, among other things, allocating lands .” Further so, the Royal Proclamation outlined a policy in which to protect and extinguish Aboriginal rights and in doing so, recognized these rights existed.
Royal Brunei Airlines recently won an award for ‘ Best Foreign Airline ’ under the category Award For Best Airlines ” at the Sabah Tourism Awards 2011.
In November 2007, David Rosin, a former vice-president of the Royal College of Surgeons wrote in the magazine Hospital Doctor: It is time that someone spoke up concerning the reverse discrimination with respect to merit awards ” and saying that " female and ethnic minority consultants are being given preferential treatment to meet artificial quotas ".
One of the most important developments was the Basic Six ” pattern, later the Basic T ”, developed from 1937 onwards by the Royal Air Force, designed to optimise pilot instrument scanning.

and Ship
Although Charles Dickens had ridiculed positive depictions of Native Americans as portrayals of so-called " noble " savages, he made an exception ( at least initially ) in the case of the Inuit, whom he called loving children of the north ”, forever happy with their lot ,” whether they are hungry or full ”, and gentle loving savages ”, who, despite a tendency to steal, have a quiet, amiable character ” (" Our Phantom Ship on an Antediluvian Cruise ", Household Words, April 16, 1851 ).
* _____, New Ship Given the Name of a Hero ,” The Washington Post, September 15, 1933, p. F5.
In 1911, Virgil Bogue produced a civic master plan for Seattle ’ s Municipal Plans Commission in which he promoted the idea of Lake Union as an industrial area: The fact that ( Lake Union ) is located in the very heart of the city indicates that if properly developed it will become a most important factor in the commercial and business activities of the city .” ( Seattle Municipal Plans Commission 1911, p. 78 ) Completion of the Lake Washington Ship Canal and Ballard locks in 1917 guaranteed the success of shipping and shipbuilding industries on Lake Union and thus of the Bogue vision, despite the fact that his plan was defeated by voters.
The phrase captures a sentiment central to the cause of the English Civil War, as articulated by John Hampden who said what an English King has no right to demand, an English subject has a right to refuse ” in the Ship money case.
Just as Mia must escape from the self-imposed limits of her shipboard quad ” if she is to survive Trial and achieve adulthood, it seems that the society of the Ship will have to escape its comfortable routine of drifting from planet to planet if it is ever to make use of the heritage it preserves.
* Information about The Ship That Never Was ” ( Australia ’ s longest-running play ) about the last ship built at Sarah Island.
The Cap de la Nau () or Cabo de la Nao (), literally Cape of the Ship ,” is a headland located central-eastern coastal Spain on the Gulf of Valencia, Mediterranean Sea.
* Per Bruun, The Viking Ship ,” Journal of Coastal Research, 4 ( 1997 ): 1282-1289. http :// www. jstor. org / stable / 4298737
* Longfellow ’ s O Ship of State .”
In 2007, with David Rosario at the command of the Captain Ship, and the fiery players Rafael Pachy ” Cruz, Ángel Buster ” Figueroa, David Cortes, Carlos Payano and Marcus Fizer as reinforcement, the Capitanes returned to the BSN Finals.

and from
After recapitulating the " walking " themes, Gershwin overlays the slow blues theme from section B in the final Grandioso .”
For Euclid ’ s method to succeed, the starting lengths must satisfy two requirements: ( i ) the lengths must not be 0, AND ( ii ) the subtraction must be proper ”, a test must guarantee that the smaller of the two numbers is subtracted from the larger ( alternately, the two can be equal so their subtraction yields 0 ).
* Grzega, Joachim: On the Description of National Varieties: Examples from ( German and Austrian ) German and ( English and American ) English .” In: Linguistik Online 7 ( 2000 ).
The National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities recommended creating AFI to enrich and nurture the art of film in America ” with initial funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Motion Picture Association of America and the Ford Foundation.
For example Darrell Schweitzer writing to the New York Review of Science Fiction in 1999 quoted a passage from the original van Vogt novelette The Mixed Men ”, which he was then reading, and remarked:
In geography and agriculture, arable land ( from Latin arāre ; To plough, To farm ”) is land that can be used for growing crops.
Some cultural differences may be based on linear traditions, on teaching from one generation or school ” to another.
An abbot ( from Old English abbod, abbad, from Latin abbas (“ father ”), from Ancient Greek ἀββᾶς ( abbas ), from Aramaic ܐܒܐ / אבא (’ abbā, father ”); confer German Abt ; French abbé ) is the head and chief governor of a community of monks, called also in the East hegumen or archimandrite.
Rousseau believed that young boys should avoid formal schooling and pursue instead an education direct from nature .” Ampère ’ s father actualized this ideal by allowing his son to educate himself within the walls of his well-stocked library.
Known to the Iranians by the Pahlavi compound word kah-ruba ( from kah straw ” plus rubay attract, snatch ,” referring to its electrical properties ), which entered Arabic as kahraba ' or kahraba, it too was called amber in Europe ( Old French and Middle English ambre ).
B. Passerius derives it from abh, father ,” bara, to create ,” and a-negative —“ the uncreated Father .”
* Giuseppe Barzilai goes back for explanation to the first verse of the prayer attributed to Rabbi Nehunya ben HaKanah, the literal rendering of which is O, with thy mighty right hand deliver the unhappy ,” forming from the initial and final letters of the words the word Abrakd ( pronounced Abrakad ), with the meaning the host of the winged ones ,” i. e., angels.
* Isaac de Beausobre derives Abrasax from the Greek habros and saō, the beautiful, the glorious Savior .”
Perhaps the word may be included among those mysterious expressions discussed by Adolf von Harnack, which belong to no known speech, and by their singular collocation of vowels and consonants give evidence that they belong to some mystic dialect, or take their origin from some supposed divine inspiration .”
Agathocles was cited as from the lowest, most abject condition of life and as an example of those who by their crimes come to be princes ” in Chapter VIII of Niccolò Machiavelli ’ s treatise on politics, The Prince ( 1513 ).
Individuals who survived to this, the latest and highest stage of evolutionary progress would be those in whom the power of self-preservation is the greatest — are the select of their generation .” Moreover, Spencer perceived governmental authority as borrowed from the people to perform the transitory aims of establishing social cohesion, insurance of rights, and security.
Carnegie was an ardent supporter of commercial survival of the fittest ” and sought to immunity from business challenges by dominating all phases of the steel manufacturing procedure.
Commercial aircraft cockpit data recorders, commonly known as a black box ”, store flight information and audio from the cockpit.
# An aircraft should be in flight ” ( that is, according to Article 1, paragraph 3 of the Tokyo Convention, from the moment when power is applied for the purpose of take-off until the moment when the landing run ends );

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