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and Every
: Every evil is followed by some good ,” as the man said when his wife died the day after he became bankrupt.
He proceeds from two premises: Every crime includes an injury: every injury includes a violation of a right .” ( Lectures, III, ii.
Every time another object or customer enters the line to wait, they join the end of the line and represent the enqueue ” function.
The Body of Liberties adopted in 1641 by the Massachusetts Bay colonists states, Every married woman shall be free from bodily correction or stripes by her husband, unless it be in his own defense from her assault .” In the United States, legal decisions in Mississippi ( 1824 ) and North Carolina ( 1868 and 1874 ) make reference to and reject an unnamed " old doctrine " or " ancient law " by which a man was allowed to beat his wife with a stick no wider than his thumb.
* PASSIA Diaries and Annual Reports: Every year since 1988, PASSIA publishes its Diary ”, a unique annual resource book combining a comprehensive directory of contact information for Palestinian and interna tional institu tions operating in Palestine, a day-to-day calendar, and an agenda containing facts and figures, graphs, statistics, chronologies and maps related to Palestine and the Palestinians.
Every student of the engineering trainee program receives the degree of ingénieur de l ' École centrale de Nantes ”, more commonly called ingénieur centralien ”.
Concerning the role of clave in salsa music, Charley Gerard states: The clave feeling is in the music whether or not the claves are actually being played .” Every ostinato part which spans a cycle of four main beats, has a specific alignment with clave, and expresses the rhythmic qualities of clave either explicitly or implicitly.
Every crystalline solid will have a unique pattern of d-spacings ( known as the powder pattern ), which is a finger print ” for that solid.
And finally, the residents pleaded that Every tree that can possibly be saved must be saved .” And so, in came the construction crews.
Every two weeks, the prisoners receive a special meal of pork broth soup and white-flour steamed buns .” Important Chinese holidays such as New Year ’ s, National Day, and the Spring Festival are celebrated with meat dumplings, a special treat in an otherwise meatless diet.
Every clan had a shaman Alma ”.
Every machine is constructed for the purpose of performing certain mechanical operations, each of which supposes the existence of two other things besides the machine in question, namely, a moving power, and an object subject to the operation, which may be termed the work to be done.
Every three months ( after regular cleaning ) the wheels should be coated with petroleum jelly .”
Every kind of material has unique magnetic properties, even those that we do not think of as being magnetic .” Different materials below the ground can cause local disturbances in the Earth ’ s magnetic field that are detectable with sensitive magnetometers.
Every year Brahmotsavams ” are celebrated here in the month of May.
For example, to study the theorem Every bounded sequence of real numbers has a supremum ” it is necessary to use a base system which can speak of real numbers and sequences of real numbers.
Every folder also has File and Folder Tasks ”, offering options to create new folders, share a folder on the local network, publish files or folders to a web site, and other common tasks like copying, renaming, moving, and deleting files or folders.
Publication of the year: Reform ( think tank ) | Reform: Every teacher matters ”.
Every cell has a housekeeping ” sigma factor that keeps essential genes and pathways operating.
Regarding the connections between the state and the people he argued Every citizen of this country is a responsible
Every retaining wall supports a wedge ” of soil.
From the up-tempo Latin groove of Evanly ” with its vocal out chorus ; the mid tempo swing of No Way LA ” & Ten Minutes To Twelve ”; the Lunceford-like band vocals on Stompin ’ @ The Savoy ” & It Don ’ t Mean a Thing ( If It Ain ’ t Got that Swing )”; to Hamilton ’ s vocalizing on Every Time I Smile ”; the pastoral melodic beauty of You ’ re Note Alone ”; the up-tempo funk of Black Eyed Peas ”; and the bossa funkiness of Foot Prints in the Sand ” with its starkly beautiful vocal out chorus-every track is like turning a page in a book that ’ s holding you on the edge of your seat, your rapt attention dying to know what ’ s next to be revealed.

and reasonable
In a situation, when he has justification to assume, that a given person committed or is attempting to commit an act regulated by the convention, he can apply towards that person reasonable measures ” including restraint, under a condition that they do not break the rules enumerated in Article 6, paragraph 1 of the Tokyo Convention.
The Court said: It appears to us that NCRL ’ s filtering policy is reasonable and accords with its mission and these policies and is viewpoint neutral.
When used to represent carried traffic, a value ( which can be a non-integer such as 43. 5 ) followed by erlangs ” represents the average number of concurrent calls carried by the circuits ( or other service-providing elements ), where that average is calculated over some reasonable period of time.
The good guy ” will appear more reasonable and understanding, and therefore, easier to work with.
This was issued in 1661 and gave the Company the sole right to fortify and colonise the island in such legal and reasonable manner the said Governor and Company should see fit ”.
In this instance, taking into account the range of measures Telstra has in place for mail campaigns, I consider that the one-off human error that occurred does not mean that Telstra failed to comply with its obligation to take reasonable steps to protect the personal information of its customers.
Article XIV of the Massachusetts Declaration of the Rights written by John Adams and enacted in 1780 as part of the Massachusetts Constitution added the requirement that all searches must be reasonableand served as the basis for the language of the Fourth Amendment:
" The accused may also request a closure of the trial ; though, it must be demonstrated that first, there is a substantial probability that the defendant's right to a fair trial will be prejudiced by publicity that closure would prevent, and second, reasonable alternatives to closure cannot adequately protect the defendant's right to a fair trial.
Hall and Popkin defend Mill against this accusation pointing out that he begins Chapter Four by asserting that that questions of ultimate ends do not admit of proof, in the ordinary acceptation of the term ” and that this is common to all first principles .” According to Hall and Popkin, therefore, Mill does not attempt to establish that what people do desire is desirable but merely attempts to make the principles acceptable .” The type of proof ” Mill is offering " consists only of some considerations which, Mill thought, might induce an honest and reasonable man to accept utilitarianism ".
Under the Supplementary Benefit Act of 1966, an owner occupier on benefits was entitled to an allowance for repairs, insurance, rates, and reasonable ” interest charges on a mortgage.
In 1982, the sociologists Danny L., and Lin Jorgensen found that, when it is reasonable ,-tellers comply with local laws and purchase a business license .” However, in the United States, a variety of local and state laws restrict fortune-telling, require the licensing or bonding of fortune-tellers, or make necessary the use of terminology that avoids the term " fortune-teller " in favour of terms such as " spiritual advisor " or " psychic consultant.
The language all deliberate speed ” was seen by critics as too ambiguous to ensure reasonable haste for compliance with the court's instruction.
:: Example: Rather, our inquiry is limited to whether, after viewing the evidence in the light most favorable to the prosecution, any rational trier of fact could have found the essential elements of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt .” ( Emphasis in original.
:: Example: Former RCW 26. 50. 110 ( 1 ) was not a virtuosic specimen of legislative drafting ,” and there is clearly a reasonable dispute as to what the legislature intended.
In English law the prosecution must prove the guilt of a criminal beyond reasonable doubt ”; but the plaintiff in a civil action is required to prove his case on the balance of probabilities ”.
Martin Mayer argued there were three reasonable arguments ” for tying Glass-Steagall repeal to the financial crisis: ( 1 ) it invited banks to enter risks they did not understand ; ( 2 ) it created network integration ” that increased contagion ; and ( 3 ) it joined the incompatible businesses of commercial and investment banking.
He seems a completely reasonable man when discussing the Middle East or energy policy, but when the conversation shifts to Chechnya or Islamic extremism, Putin ’ s eyes turn to those of a killer .”
In this section the code states that the FCC is to encourage the deployment on a reasonable and timely basis of advanced telecommunications capability to all Americans .”
# Fairness Effect Buyers are more sensitive to the price of a product when the price is outside the range they perceive as fair ” or reasonable ” given the purchase context.

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