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:“ and human
:“ People do the honest Battaer an injustice when it is said that they sell human flesh in the markets, and that they slaughter their old people as soon as they are unfit for work ... They eat human flesh only in wartime, when they are enraged, and in a few legal instances .”
:“ As soon as a human begins to laugh, at first her heart beats strong and slowly the rhythm of the beat assumes one ( continuous ) form .”

:“ and being
:“ Received alarming report about plan being discussed and considered in Führer headquarters to exterminate at one fell swoop all Jews in German-controlled countries comprising three and a half to four million after deportation and concentration in the east thus solving Jewish question once and for all stop campaign planned for autumn methods being discussed including hydrocyanic acid stop ”
:“ I, being a minister of Jesus Christ, and having authority and power from Him, do, in His name and by His spirit (…) excommunicate and cast out of the true Church, and deliver up to Satan, James, Duke of Monmouth, for coming into Scotland at his father ’ s unjust command and leading armies against the Lord ’ s people, who were constrained to rise, being killed in and for the worshipping of the true God, and for refusing, that morning, a cessation of arms at Bothwell Bridge, for hearing and redressing their injuries, wrongs and oppressions.
:“ I take considerable pains in the investigation of religious matters, one of my amusements being the collection of a considerable theological library, with the books of which I am familiar .”
Mommsen wrote :“ The extensive repression of nationalistic resentment, which has led to a normalization of the relationship with the neighboring peoples and even has reduced xenophobia, is being described from the conservative side as a potential danger to political stability and as a putative “ loss of identity ”.
:“ Our mission at Diamond Mountain is to provide you with everything you need to lead a wise and good life, and to become nothing less than a being who can go to all worlds and serve all living creatures, all at once.
:“ Our entire perfection consists in being conformed, united and consecrated to Jesus Christ.
Stolberg reported back to Berlin that he had told Berchtold :“ If Austria really wants to clear up her relationship with Serbia once and for all, which Tisza himself in his recent speech called ‘ indispensable ’, then it would pass comprehension why such demands were not being made as would make the breach unavoidable.
:“ At this time, every country except ours is killing its vermin … Don ’ t let us leave Hitler to pride himself on being the only person to undertake
:“ Messenger ” ( Arabic Rasul ) are considered people receiving a new set of laws from God, in addition to being a prophet, There are said to have been exactly 313 Messengers from the 124, 000 Prophets.
In February 2009, Quinnipiac University conducted a poll in which they asked :“ If the Democratic primary for governor were being held today and the candidates were Dan Malloy, Susan Bysiewicz and Jim Amann, for whom would you vote ?” Of the Democrats who responded, 44 % said they would vote for Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz, 12 % said they would vote for Stamford Mayor Dannel Malloy and 4 % said they would vote for James Amann, former Speaker of the House.

:“ and for
:“ I never thought that spreading ignorance has any advantage, except for those who are in a position of power and want to deprive others of their rights and spread ignorance in order to keep them underlings .”
:“ Knowledge of the truth which accords with godliness is circumlocution for ' Christianity.
:“ While I am convinced of the critical importance of historiography in the study of esotericism ( and for this reason all of my academic books are firmly grounded in historical method ) I do not believe that historiography is adequate in itself to convey the complex, multivalent nature of esoteric thought, traditions, or most of all, experience.
Reflecting the changed mood, the Conservative M. P Alfred Duff Cooper wrote in a letter to The Times :“ Some of us are getting rather tired of the sanctimonious attitude which seeks to take upon our shoulders the blame for every crime committed in Europe.
:“ This gentleman has for several years stood at the head of our commercial community and he carries with him the esteem and kind wishes of the whole foreign society, honourably acquired by a long career of private charity and public spirit .”
:“ Now he would confess his sorry love to her nurse, asking her not to be hard on him, by the hopes she had for her darling.
:“ In all the world, the genus Cecropia is unrivaled for the number of myrmecophytes, or true “ ant-plants ” counted among its species.
:“ Meares and Dimitri exercised the dog-teams out upon the larger floes when we were held up for any length of time.
:“ God in Auschwitz and Auschwitz in the crucified God-that is the basis for real hope that both embraces and overcomes the world ”.
:“ Information science is that discipline that investigates the properties and behavior of information, the forces governing the flow of information, and the means of processing information for optimum accessibility and usability.
:“ ... our men had each of them three cups of wine in signe of ioy for our good hap ... the naming of the Straights of Le Maire, although by good right it should rather have been called Willem Schouten Straight, after our Masters Name, by whose wise conduction and skill in sayling, the same was found .”.
:“ I was moved by divine love to devise for you, with God ’ s help, these introductory books to take the place of a teacher.
In 2012, Fox says in Cosmopolitan :“ I didn ’ t know who he was, since I was too young for Beverly Hills 90210 ," Megan recalled of meeting Brian for the first time.
:“ The employees in the mill of Messrs. Carnegie, Phipps & Co., at Homestead, Pa., have built there a town with its homes, its schools and its churches ; have for many years been faithful co-workers with the company in the business of the mill ; have invested thousands of dollars of their savings in said mill in the expectation of spending their lives in Homestead and of working in the mill during the period of their efficiency.
:“ Today in this country minimum standards of nutrition, housing and clothing are assured, not for all, but for the majority.
* Interview with Ulrich Beck :“ Nationalism does not leave much room for the recognition of others ”, Barcelona Metropolis, 2009.
:“ We will give the home of the Hereafter to those who do not want arrogance or mischief on earth ; and the end is best for the righteous .”-The Holy Qur ’ an, Sura 28 ( Al-Qasas ) Verse 83
After Aaron asked Moses to intercede for her, Moses uttered a five-word prayer :“ O Lord, make her well ,” and she recovered within seven days.
1. 1. 6 ). 4 In another excerpt recounted from Cornelius Nepos “ On the Latin Historians ” is a letter from Cornelia to Gaius which had been verbally recited until printed by Nepos :“ I would venture to take a solemn oath that except for the men who killed Tiberius Gracchus no enemy has given me so much trouble and toil as you have done because of these matters.

:“ and restricted
:“ Where the trend of trade between Member States, the rigidity of prices or other circumstances suggest that competition may be restricted or distorted within the common market, the Commission may conduct its inquiry into a particular sector of the economy or into a particular type of agreements across various sectors.

:“ and within
:“ The tangled relation of general semantics to science fiction began within seven years of the publication of Science and Sanity.
:“ By the early 1960s it was generally accepted within the historical profession that ... Beard ’ s Progressive version of the ... framing of the Constitution had been decisively refuted.
:“ Music is the echo from a transcendent harmonious world ; it is the sigh of the angel within us.
:“ A number is a collection of units, and because the collection is infinite ( for multiplication can continue indefinitely ), the Indians ingeniously enclosed this infinite multiplicity within certain rules and limits so that infinity could be scientifically defined ; these strict rules enabled them to pin down this subtle concept .”

:“ and limits
:“ How are the limits of GF related to those of F ?”

:“ and knowledge
:“ As the infusion of mass media information into a social system increases, higher socioeconomic status segments tend to acquire this information faster than lower socioeconomic-status population segments so that the gap in knowledge between the two tends to increase rather than decrease ” ( Tichenor, Donohue, and Olien 1970, pp. 159-160 ).
:“ The intent pedagogical patterns is to capture the essence of the practice in a compact form that can be easily communicated to those who need the knowledge.
It has been alleged that torture has been employed with the knowledge or acquiescence of the United States ( a transfer of anyone to anywhere for the purpose of torture is a violation of US law ), although Condoleezza Rice ( then the United States Secretary of State ) stated that :“ the United States has not transported anyone, and will not transport anyone, to a country when we believe he will be tortured.

:“ and has
:“ If an integer n is greater than 2, then has no solutions in non-zero integers a, b, and c. I have a truly marvelous proof of this proposition which this margin is too narrow to contain .”
:“ The Skeptic ’ s Dictionary is aimed at four distinct audiences: the open-minded seeker, who makes no commitment to or disavowal of occult claims ; the soft skeptic, who is more prone to doubt than to believe ; the hardened skeptic, who has strong disbelief about all things occult ; and the believing doubter, who is prone to believe but has some doubts.
:“ The great trouble with dog teams has been due to the fatuous conduct of the penguins.
:“ A taonga work is a work, whether or not it has been fixed, that is in its entirety an expression of mātauranga Māori ; it will relate to or invoke ancestral connections, and contain or reflect traditional narratives or stories.
:“ Music has no subject beyond the combinations of notes we hear, for music speaks not only by means of sounds, it speaks nothing but sound .” — Eduard Hanslick
:“ The absoluteness of absolute music has never been an obstacle, but is the very condition of its meaning .” — Berthold Hoeckner
:“ At any moment of time, there is some level of unemployment which has the property that it is consistent with equilibrium in the structure of real wages … The ‘ natural rate of unemployment ’ … is the level that would be ground out by the Walrasian system of general equilibrium equations, provided there is embedded in them the actual structural characteristics of the labour and commodity markets, including market imperfections, stochastic variability in demands and supplies, the costs of gathering information about job vacancies, and labor availabilities, the costs of mobility, and so on .”
In the description of the Parish of Heidesheim drawn up sometime between 1667 and 1677 in Johann Sebastian Severus ’ s Dioecesis Moguntina, it says :“ On the edge of the village towards the Rhine one beholds farther away the castle house at the Wintereck which in the year 1626 Samuel Beck, chief cellarmaster at Mainz, acquired for himself and his family along with the forest, meadows, fields and cereal tributes for 800 Gulden and today has outfitted with an appealing building and fruit trees.
On 26 April 1957, Mayor Joseph Dillmann made a declaration of bankruptcy in the municipality ’ s newssheet :“ After the speech by the municipality ’ s legal representative before municipal council, it has after due consideration and with a heavy heart accepted the settlement.
When presenting the award to Lundbeck, Reprieve spokesperson Maya Foa said :“ Lundbeck ’ s action has changed the landscape of corporate social responsibility in the pharmaceutical industry.
:“ More than ninety percent of the original forest in the American Northwest has been clearcut at least once.
:“ It may be said here that every stone of which the structure is composed has been placed in position by the owner himself, or by his direction, and in his presence.
:“ The arguments against recognition for Native Hawaiians because Hawaiians cannot satisfy the requirements Congress set out for the recognition of Native Americans ( in the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934 ) are simply not relevant because Congress has not and need not include those conditions in S. 147.
:“ Throughout the conservative onslaught of the past three decades ,” Bush has editorialized in Jewish Currents, “ we have argued repeatedly that Jewish identification with the have-nots is more consistent with our people ’ s history, tradition, self-interest, and prospects for continuity, than the currying of favor with the powers-that-be — especially when those powers resemble nothing more than Pharaoh, the imperial oppressor of Biblical Egypt .”
:“ There is a progressive pulse at the core of Jewish thought ,” Bush has written.
:“ The progressive tradition of extending new benefits and opportunities to the worst-off has made it next to impossible to address the behavioral difficulties at the bottom of society in their own terms.
:“ No sane man ,” said a North-sider yesterday who has been a strap-hanger for years, “ expects the street car lines to furnish seats for every passenger during the rush hour morning and evening .”

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