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Page "Sextus Empiricus" ¶ 18
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# and
# An aircraft should be in flight ” ( that is, according to Article 1, paragraph 3 of the Tokyo Convention, from the moment when power is applied for the purpose of take-off until the moment when the landing run ends );
# Check for levels of serum glucose, calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphate, urea, and creatinine ” 3
# pre-defined earning rules ” ( also called metrics ) to quantify the accomplishment of work, called Earned Value ( EV ) or Budgeted Cost of Work Performed ( BCWP ).
Entertainment Weekly ranked the film # 4 on their list of The Top 50 Cult Films .”
* Route Nationale # 2 ( RN2 ) is commonly known as Boulevard Jean-Jacques Dessalines ” within Port-au-Prince and as Route du Sud ” outside the capital region.
# 21 July: agro cheque ” for $ 100 billion.
At the beginning of One-Dimensional Man Marcuse writes, The people recognize themselves in their commodities ; they find their soul in their automobile, hi-fi set, split-level home, kitchen equipment ,”< ref > Harold Marcuse < http :// www. marcuse. org / herbert / quotes / QuotRedThread. html # Capitalism ></ ref > meaning that under capitalism ( in consumer society ) humans become extensions of the commodities that they buy, thus making commodities extensions of people's minds and bodies.
# Did the government agents obtain testimonial evidence as a result of the interrogation? If Yes ” go to 4 ; If No ”, Miranda does not apply.
# Before any custodial interrogation began did the government agents properly advise the defendant of her Miranda rights? If Yes ” go to 6 ; If No ”, go to 18 ..
# Did the defendant waive her rights? If Yes ” go to 7 ; If No ”, go to 18.
# Was the waiver knowing and intelligent ”?
# Was the waiver involuntary ” a.
# Did the defendant assert either or both of her rights? If Yes ” go to 10 ; If No ”, go to 18.
# Did the defendant assert her right to remain silent? f Yes ” go to 11 ; If No ”, go to 13.
# Did the police immediately cease all interrogation? If Yes ” go to 12 ; If No ”, go to 18.
# Did the police scrupulously honor the defendant's assertion of his right to remain silent? If Yes ” go to 10 ; If No ”, go to 18.
# Did the defendant assert her right to counsel? If Yes ” go to 14 ; If No ”, go to 18.

# and We
# Susanna Hoffs – " We Close Our Eyes " ( originally by Oingo Boingo )
After his stint in prison during the late 1980s, Brown returned with the album, Love Overdue, in 1991, which included the single, "( So Tired Of Standing Still We Got To ) Move On ", which peaked at # 48 on the R & B chart.
# We apply this construction to the case when the manifold M is the underlying space of a Lie group G, with G acting on G = M by left translations L < sub > g </ sub >( h ) = gh.
1987's Life as We Know It saw a decline in sales, but still managed to provide the band with the hits " That Ain't Love " ( U. S. # 16 ) and " In My Dreams " ( U. S. # 19 ).
# We then pass the sound through a shallow low-pass filter:
# We admitted we were powerless over alcohol — that our lives had become unmanageable.
# Queen + Axl Rose-" We Will Rock You "
# Queen + Liza Minnelli / Cast-" We Are the Champions "
# We eat only matzah because our ancestors could not wait for their breads to rise when they were fleeing slavery in Egypt, and so they were flat when they came out of the oven.
# We eat only Maror, a bitter herb, to remind us of the bitterness of slavery that our ancestors endured while in Egypt.
# We recline at the Seder table because in ancient times, a person who reclined at a meal was a free person, while slaves and servants stood.
# We eat only roasted meat because that is how the Pesach / Passover lamb is prepared during sacrifice in the Temple at Jerusalem.
# We incline to the view that on his abdication the Duke of Windsor could not have claimed the right to be described as a Royal Highness.
# We came to the conclusion that the wife could not claim this right on any legal basis.
* We Can Do It ( 1975 )-UK # 41
# We know from calculus that 0 ∈ C ( R ) ⊂ R < sup > R </ sup >.
# We know from calculus the sum of continuous functions is continuous.
Among their most popular songs are I'll Be Good to You ( Billboard Hot 100 # 3 in 1976 ), Strawberry Letter 23 ( Hot 100 # 5 in 1977, originally recorded by Shuggie Otis ), Ain't We Funkin ' Now ( 1978 ), and Stomp!
# REDIRECT We Can Remember It for You Wholesale
# Apply self-regulation and accept feedback: We need to discourage inappropriate activity to ensure that systems can continue to function well.
# Creatively use and respond to change: We can have a positive impact on inevitable change by carefully observing, and then intervening at the right time.
# The Fabulous Bingo Brothers ( " Once We Had A Donkey " )
# We apparently fear death because we believe that we will no longer exist after we die.

# and deduce
# A player is obliged to report his score correctly, because that can be used later to deduce his cards.

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