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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1002
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

So and course
Equally penetrating in its fashion is the following remark by a lady in the course of a literary conversation: `` So much has already been written about everything that you can't find out anything about it ''.
So, for that matter, are the newer dances -- the `` Kalmuk Dance '' with its animal movements, that genial juggling act by Sergei Tsvetkov called `` The Platter '', the rousing and beautiful betrothal celebration called `` Summer '', `` The Three Shepherds '' of Azerbaijan hopping up on their staffs, and, of course, the trenchant `` Rock 'n' Roll ''.
So, " attending a course " is " asistir un curso " and " assist someone " is " atender a alguien ".
So now, of course, I want to keep going and do a feature.
* " Nonsense ( And Why It's So Popular )" – course syllabus from The College of Wooster.
So Bossuet steered a middle course.
So, of course, we went right for it.
So when Congress came together they found the midshipmen that were not at sea comfortably housed at Annapolis, protected from the dangers of idleness and city life, and busy at a regular course of study.
So, the style was a mixture of grappling, Greco-Roman wrestling, and some Japanese martial arts, which evolved during the course of the series.
The series finale in 2009 included Chuck Mangione one last time, playing the National Anthem which of course segued into " Feels So Good ".
So far as the results of criticism are still uncertain with regard to the age and authorship of any of these, Ewald? s conclusions must of course be regarded as unsatisfactory.
So flying wings are at their best when cruising in still air: in turbulent air or when changing course, the aircraft may be less efficient than a conventional design.
* Nonsense ( And Why It's So Popular ) A course syllabus from The College of Wooster.
So their responsibility is fixed, and they followed the course of Satan.
So in theory the full course of studies might lead in succession to the degrees of e. g. Bachelor of Arts, Licentiate of Arts, Master of Arts, Bachelor of Medicine, Licentiate of Medicine, Doctor of Medicine ; the same succession, bachelor-licentiate-doctor, has persisted till today, for instance, in Sacred theology: Bachelor of Sacred Theology ( STB ), Licentiate of Sacred Theology ( STL ), and Doctor of Sacred Theology ( STD ), and in Canon law: Bachelor of Canon Law ( JCB ), Licentiate of Canon Law ( JCL ), and Doctor of Canon Law ( JCD ).
So influential was this practice that it was imported to the United States, where in 1861 Yale University started granting the Ph. D. degree to younger students who, after having obtained the bachelor's degree, had completed a prescribed course of graduate study and successfully defended a thesis / dissertation containing original research in science or in the humanities.
So fulfill basic needs from your surroundings ’’) and of course, Afforestation (‘‘ tree farming will solve many problems ’’)
Some critics viewed these defenses as mere justifications for actual deep-seated racism, homophobia, and misogyny on Albini's part, given his level of familiarity with the subject matter, but he insisted that he was not a prejudiced person and was merely satirizing those impulses that rational, civilized persons normally suppress in the course of social interaction: " So once that's given, once you know what you think, there's no reason to be ginger about what you say.
So, our first get-together is going to be late in the year, but before that I ’ ve got a few things going on and like I said, we ’ ll announce it in due course .”
: We'll never change our course, So vicious foe steer shy-y-y-y.
So Lord Reay put them to work building a causeway of sand across the Pentland Firth where, of course, the fierce currents wash away the sand just as fast as the fairies can build.
So the Imperial Government stayed on course and replaced Ludendorff as First General Quartermaster with General Wilhelm Groener.
So the PD racer, although it took twice as long to finish the course, would be declared the winner.
So the course design was changed into an alternative route to further and higher education.

So and stayed
So they stayed quiet and hung not on what he said but on how he said it, not listening exactly, but rather, feeling.
So the layout stayed put, although in 1823-4 Schinkel did get to rebuild the Potsdam Gate.
So he got up, took the child and his mother during the night and left for Egypt, where he stayed until the death of Herod.
So when Pelopia, who at the time stayed in Sicyon at the court of king Thesprotus, came to the bank of a river to wash her clothes that had been stained with blood during a sacrificial rite, Thyestes, covering his face, attacked and raped her.
" So Tāne came back to the upper world, while Hine stayed below, waiting only for Māui to bring death into the world, and begin the never-ending procession of mortals to her realm ( Biggs 1966: 449 ).
So I stayed up one night praying all night and working on this song asking God to help me bless the artists one more time so that they would know that I loved them even if I didn't want to work with them ".
So, the bigger the fire, the further the mischievous spirits stayed away.
So Szpilman stayed in his building.
Thunders stayed in London and recorded the first of a number of solo albums, beginning with So Alone in 1978.
So during the 2006 Olympic season Emma stayed with her maternal grandparents ( Knut and Oddrun ).
So for a whole summer he stayed hidden in the woods, discovered by none, forgetful of himself and of his own, lurking like a wild thing.
So long as she stayed on campus, she could avoid interacting with white people, but weekend trips into Montgomery, the nearest city, would try her patience.
So instead she was sentenced to a slow death in the stocks where she stayed for weeks on end while children stoned her, women cursed her, and men spat on her.
So he stayed in Carinthia, now Austria's southernmost state ; his personal belongings, which were on transport in Slovenia, the former Austrian crownland of Carniola, were confiscated there.
So they left that same year and landed in Seattle, WA where they stayed for a few days, and then headed for San Francisco.
So Gonsalo ’ s father who permitted to quit the job and stayed in the fort as an ordinary layman, and because of that their family came to reside inside the fort.
So he went first to Rome, Italy where he stayed nine months, but settled then in Paris in 1952.
It was named as " Ganeshtith ". So according to this purana, Lord Ganapathi stayed in the place Kunjaranya which is now renowned as Idagunji.
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