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'" and According
According to Bertrand Russell's Theory of Descriptions, the negation operator in a singular sentence can take either wide or narrow scope: we distinguish between " some S is not P " ( where negation takes " narrow scope ") and " it is not the case that ' some S is P '" ( where negation takes " wide scope ").
According to The Economist, " developed economies '" assets at the end of 2002 were the following:
According to the 2010 Census reports, Owsley County is the " poorest county in the United States '" Its county seat is Booneville and it is a dry county.
According to Scoop, in 2009 the New Zealand pork industry was " dealt a shameful public relations slap-in-the-face after its former celebrity kingpin, Mike King, outed their farming practices as ' brutal ,' ' callous ' and ' evil '" on a May episode of New Zealand television show Sunday.
'" According to historian Adam L. Tate, Taylor was " an agrarian who ' viewed happiness as possession of family, farm, and leisure ,' had no great love for organized religion, social hierarchy, and other such traditional institutions.
'" According to Politico, Carney, a staff writer covering lobbying and influence for CQ Roll Call, " made the first identifiable, published reference to ' super PAC ' as it ’ s known today while working at National Journal, writing on June 26, 2010, of a group called Workers ’ Voices, that it was a kind of '" super PAC " that could become increasingly popular in the post-Citizens United world.
'" According to Tesh, the show now airs on about 300 stations nationwide, primarily on adult contemporary music stations, but is carried on some classic hits stations as well ; select pieces of " Intelligence for Your Life " are broken up and distributed in short form to other radio stations ( including talk radio formats ) as well, for use on morning shows.
According to WHYS host Ros Atkins, a " significant number of listeners the ' tone ' and ' production '" of the show, resulting after three years to the removal of the show from OPB's schedule.
According to Florence of Worcester ( d. 1118 ), the forest was known before the Norman Conquest as the Great Ytene Forest ; the word " Ytene " meaning '" Juten " or " of Jutes ".
'" According to Tapping, Carter " harbors great depth of feeling for Colonel O ' Neill, but because nothing can ever happen ...
'" According to UKGameShows. com, he believed that retiring after 100 episodes would have been more fitting with the show's theme.
According to The New York Times, " many other ' independentistas '" followed in Mari Bras footsteps and renounced their American citizenship as well.
According to the preface of the first edition, reprinted in subsequent editions, Capra struggled to reconcile theoretical physics and Eastern mysticism and was at first " helped on my way by ' power plants '" or psychedelics, with the first experience " so overwhelming that I burst into tears, at the same time, not unlike Castaneda, pouring out my impressions to a piece of paper.
'" According to Blake, there was nothing in the memorandum to substantiate this claim.
'" According to Rothrock, the song was largely finished in six and a half hours, with two minor overdubs several months later.
In the words of Jamie Russell he has " been totally excluded from the ' queer canon '" According to Russell, Burroughs's life and writing suggests a gay subjectivity which has been deeply troubling to many in the gay community.
'" ( 61-62 ) According to Matthew Jesus answered " Yes, it is as you say.
According to the contemporary historian Anna Comnena, who knew Pakourianos personally, Gregory was " descended from a noble Armenian family ," while the Armenian chronicler Matthew of Edessa, from 12 century, saying Pakourianos was of " Vrats '" origin had in mind the religious affiliation of Pakourianos.
According to Collins, he and Cordell worked equally on the book, with Collins focusing more on material relating to character building, sample undead and running undead, while Cordell dealt with monster design and undead material, but he said that they " dabbled in each others '" sections quite a bit as well ".
'" According to the magazine " Teen Ink ", though critics see these lyrics as angry and revengeful, she is revealing her true emotions which allows other teenagers to identify with her.
'" According to " Jack Da Wack ," who was also one of B-97's first B-Jocks, in early November 1979, the station slowly started to work more and more Top 40 music into rotation.
According to the legal sociology of Max Weber, " revelation a magician or priest of law in these forms was the original revolutionary element opposing the stability of tradition and is the mother of all legal ' enactment '"

'" and professor
'" The script was written in English by Gibson and Benedict Fitzgerald, then translated by William Fulco, S. J., a professor at Loyola Marymount University, into Latin, reconstructed Aramaic, and Hebrew.
In " Property Rights and the ' Right of Return '" professor Richard Ebeling writes: " If a settlement is reached between the Israelis and the Palestinians, justice would suggest that all legitimate property should be returned to its rightful owners and that residence by those owners on their property should be once again permitted.

'" and although
'" Morris's second documentary would be about the town and bear its name, although it makes no mention of Vernon as " Nub City ", but instead explores other idiosyncrasies of the town's residents.
'" Singer Johnny Cash recalled acting in one episode, and although he was not an experienced actor, he writes in his autobiography, " Peter Falk was good to me.
'" Smith was given the role of Lisa instead, although she almost turned it down.
'" This coincidentally meshed with the protagonist in the books being referred to as " Harry " by another character, although he clearly states this is not his real name.
'" Some 17th century Jesuits argued that although God could create the end of the world at any moment, it was necessarily a rare event and hence our confidence that it would not happen very soon was largely justified.
Gerald Abraham stated flatly in the Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians that " they never called themselves, nor were they ever called in Russia, ' The Five '" ( although today the Russian equivalent " Пятерка " (" Pyatyorka ") is occasionally used to refer to this group ).
For example, the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry published an article by Chris Mooney titled " Not Too ' Bright '" in which he stated that, although he agreed with the movement, Richard Dawkins ' and Daniel Dennett's " campaign to rename religious unbelievers ' brights ' could use some rethinking " because of the possibility that the term would be misinterpreted.
'" While opposing all repression, she wrote, she refused to wear a purple armband or self-identify as a lesbian ( although heterosexual ) as an act of political solidarity, considering it not part of the mainstream issues of abortion and child care.
'" Green was always more popular amongst fellow authors than with the general public ; none of his books sold more than 10, 000 copies, although he was more widely read in the forties, when Loving appeared briefly on the US bestseller lists.
'" The Occupation officers responsible for overseeing library reforms reported that, although the Occupation was a catalyst for change, local initiative pre-existed the Occupation, and the successful reforms were due to dedicated Japanese like Hani.
" failed to become hits ( although " Ring-a-Rockin '" earned him the first of many appearances on Dick Clark's American Bandstand ), but they demonstrated his ability to perform as a solo singer, so RCA Victor signed him to a recording contract.
Its singles were not as successful on the charts, either: although " When Love Starts Talkin '" and " Come Some Rainy Day " reached No. 13 and No. 14, respectively, " Always Will " fell short of Top 40 and " Love Like That " became the first single of her career not to chart at all.
'" In addition to these mentions, Woolf subtly refers to several of the most prominent intellectuals of the time, and her hybrid name from the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge — Oxbridge — has become a well-known term, although she was not the first to use it.
Bacon was born in San Jose, California, the son of actor Frank Bacon, later the co-author and star of the long-running Broadway show " Lightnin '" ( 1918 ), and Jennie ( Weidman ) Bacon ( he was not, contrary to some accounts, related to actor Irving Bacon, although he did direct him in a number of his films ).
The OPR report cites testimony Yoo gave to Justice Department investigators where he claims that the " president's war-making authority was so broad that he had the constitutional power to order a village to be ' massacred '" The OPR report concluded that Yoo had " committed ' intentional professional misconduct ' when he advised the CIA it could proceed with waterboarding and other aggressive interrogation techniques against Al Qaeda suspects ," although the recommendation that he be referred to his state bar association for possible disciplinary proceedings was overruled by David Margolis, another senior Justice department lawyer.
Gilbert presented one of his later plays here, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, a burlesque " in Three Short ' Tableaux '" in 1891 ( although he had published it in 1874 in Fun magazine ).
The word "' ciborium '" was also used in classical Latin to describe such cups, although the only example to have survived is in one of Horace ’ s odes ( 2. 7. 21 – 22 ).
" Lisa Gets an ' A '" was directed by Bob Anderson, and although it was written by Ian Maxtone-Graham, neither the main storyline nor the subplot was conceived by him.
" Homer Simpson in: ' Kidney Trouble '" was directed by Mike B. Anderson and written by John Swartzwelder, although the episode's premise was pitched by former staff writer George Meyer.
" Pat's full name was Robert Ellsworth Patrick Aloysious O ' Brady and this was shortened to " Bob Brady ," although it is not known when the " O '" was dropped from " O ' Brady.
Chapter 2, on material wealth, employs the " so-called ' Lot of Fortune '" although Ptolemy's instruction conflicts with that of many of his contemporaries in stating that for its calculation " we measure from the horoscope the distance from the sun to the moon, in both diurnal and nocturnal nativities ".
The programme was a hit with listeners, although a BBC World Service listener in India allegedly " strongly objected to ' Robots taking part in a comedy show '" and another in Sierra Leone thought that " as a source of information it is misleading ".
'" As theorized by David Bellos, Hulot may even represent an inversion of The Tramp: “ Hulot tilts forwards whereas Chaplin tilts back ; Chaplin ’ s puppet-like waddle is very different from Hulot ’ s ‘ springy glide ’; and there is a difference in costume too: the bowler, tails, huge pants, cane and cigarette are replaced by a pipe, various accessories, pants that are too short, a sports blazer and a Homburg, although the striped socks are borrowed from Keaton .”
Mór (" big ") and Óg (" young ") are used to distinguish father and son, like English junior and senior, but are placed between the given name and the surname: Seán Óg Ó Súilleabháin corresponds to " John O ' Sullivan Jr ." ( although anglicised versions of the name often drop the " O '" from the name ).

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