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2002 and Quest
Jacobs, an editor at Esquire magazine, read the entire 2002 version of the 15th edition, describing his experiences in the well-received 2004 book, The Know-It-All: One Man's Humble Quest to Become the Smartest Person in the World.
In June 2002, Quest was purchased by Square.
Another Space Quest began development by Escape Factory for the Microsoft Xbox video game console in 2002, entitled simply Space Quest.
This attempt at creating a new Space Quest was announced on February 7, 2002.
2002 Quest opened an office in Japan and expanded their application management offerings to custom web applications written in Java with the acquisition of Sitraka.
* Margulis, Lynn, et al., 2002, The Ice Chronicles: The Quest to Understand Global Climate Change, University of New Hampshire, ISBN 1-58465-062-1
Since 2002, Sandpoint has been home to Quest Aircraft the manufacturer of the Kodiak, a ten-seat, single-engine, turboprop airplane designed and produced to meet the needs of missionary and humanitarian organizations that travel to remote regions of the world.
Square Enix did not register the Dragon Quest trademark for use in the United States until 2002.
* Easterly, William ( 2002 ), Elusive Quest for Growth: Economists ' Adventures and Misadventures in the Tropics, The MIT Press
He is the author of seven books, including Why I Am Not a Muslim ( 1995 ), The Origins of the Koran ( 1998 ), The Quest for the Historical Muhammad ( 2000 ), What the Koran Really Says: Language, Text and Commentary ( 2002 ) and Defending the West: A Critique of Edward Said's Orientalism ( 2007 ).
Eugène Dubois and His Lifelong Quest to Prove Darwin Right, Harvard University Press ( April 30, 2002 ), 528 pages, ISBN 0-674-00866-9.
* Manfred Berg and Martin H. Geyer ; Two Cultures of Rights: The Quest for Inclusion and Participation in Modern America and Germany Cambridge University Press, 2002
The Mercury Monterey minivan was the Mercury version of the Freestar that arrived after Mercury stopped marketing the smaller Villager, itself a rebadged Nissan Quest, in 2002.
at: 2002 text :" Dragon Quest Monsters 1 + 2 "
Dragon Quest Monsters 1 + 2, a remake of these two games with updated graphics and interface, was released in 2002 in Japan, for the PlayStation.
Dragon Quest Monsters 1 + 2 was the 38th best-selling game of 2002 with 292, 275 copies.
* Zimbabwe: until 2002, by Quest.
In 2001, the events of 11 Sept and the awarding of the postal contract to FedEx Express caused lease rates and values of Boeing 727s to plummet and in early 2002 EGL stopped utilizing Quest cargo aircraft and they were sold off.
* Warriors of the Mind: A Quest for the Supreme Genius of the Chess Board ( with Raymond Keene ), 1989, 2002.
* The Quest for the True Cross ( 2002 ) ISBN 0-312-29424-7
It was his last score as an employee of Square ; although he went on to first compose Breath of Fire V and Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis for Capcom and Quest, after a couple of years of planning he resigned from Square to form his own company, Basiscape, on October 4, 2002.
In 2002, Quest and Radix merged to form the Ortus consortium.
These stories, except for " Quest of the Starstone ", appear in the collection Jirel of Joiry ( 1969 ), and in the Gollancz Fantasy Masterworks compendium Black Gods and Scarlet Dreams ( 2002 ).

2002 and for
From the mid-1980s through at least 1992, the United States was the primary source of military and other support for the UNITA rebel movement, which was led from its creation through 2002 by Jonas Savimbi.
OSCE experts estimate that between 116, 000 and 147, 000 people left Armenia for economic reasons between 2002 and 2004, with two-thirds of them returning home by February 2005.
In September 2002, the Armenian government handed over Armenia ’ s largest cement factory to the Russian ITERA gas exporter in payment for its $ 10 million debt for past gas deliveries.
Furthermore, in 2002, Bligh's great-great-grandson Lord Clifton, the heir-apparent to the Earldom of Darnley, argued that the Ashes urn should not be returned to Australia because it belonged to his family and was given to the MCC only for safe keeping.
The Advanced Encryption Standard ( AES ) is a specification for the encryption of electronic data established by the U. S. National Institute of Standards and Technology ( NIST ) in 2002.
Since 2002 the Victorian Industry has seen a significant decline in catches, with the total allowable catch ( TAC ) reduced from 1440 tonnes to 787 tonnes for the 2011 / 12 fishing year.
Vick, who saw minimal playing time in 2001, playing backup and learning the system under then-starting quarterback Chris Chandler, was designated starting quarterback for the 2002 season.
In 2002, Vick set many records and supplied the media with numerous highlights for the season, including rushing for 173 yards in an overtime win at Minnesota, the highest single-game rushing total for an NFL quarterback ever ( Vick's footwear from this game are currently enshrined in the NFL Hall of Fame ).
Michael Vick and Keith Brooking were elected to the NFC Pro Bowl for their performances in the 2002 regular season.
A beta test version of AIX 5L for IA-64 systems was released, but according to documents released in the SCO v. IBM lawsuit, less than forty licenses for the finished Monterey Unix were ever sold before the project was terminated in 2002.
18-bis Legge 91 / 1981 mainly for the abnormal signing in 2002 03 season, ( such as Davide Bombardini for € 11 million account value, which the flopped player exchange boosted 2002 03 season result ) and the tax payment of 2002 03 season was rescheduled.
The AFL became the de facto governing body when it pushed for the closure of the International Australian Football Council in 2002.
She notably spoke of her support for its reintroduction for the worst cases of murder in the aftermath of the murder of two 10-year-old girls from Soham, Cambridgeshire, in August 2002.
* Brent, Bill Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Men, Cleis Press, 2002.
Other anti-war demonstrations were organized by the antiglobalization movement: see for example the large demonstration, organized against the impending war in Iraq, which closed the first European Social Forum in November, 2002 in Florence, Italy.

2002 and Victory
International observers judged the 2001 elections to be acceptable, but the Union for Victory Coalition, the second-largest vote recipient, disputed the results and boycotted parliament until 31 January 2002.
* Armstrong, Pete ( illustrated by Graham Turner ), Bannockburn 1314: Robert Bruce's Great Victory, Osprey Publishing, 2002 ISBN 1-85532-609-4
Between 2002 and 2005, the Victory Bridge over the Raritan River was reconstructed at a cost of $ 109 million.
After they reunited in 2002 they released a fourth album, Major Lodge Victory, in 2006, and their fifth, No Chocolate Cake, in 2010.
Guilford Courthouse 1781: Lord Cornwallis's Ruinous Victory Osprey Publishing, 2002, ISBN 1-84176-411-6.
* Military History Institute of Vietnam, Victory in Vietnam: The Official History of the People's Army of Vietnam, 1954 1975 ( translated by Merle Pribbenow ), Lawrence KS: University of Kansas Press, 2002.
* 2002 and 2008 Victory Bowls, the NCCAA National Football Championships.
Taking Back Sunday on Warped Tour 2012Following Adam Lazzara's replacement of Longo as lead vocalist, the band released their first full album Tell All Your Friends, on Victory Records in 2002.
Live cuts of " Understanding in a Car Crash ", " Autobiography of a Nation ", " Paris in Flames ", and " Standing on the Edge of Summer " appear on the band's 2002 Victory Records live EP Five Stories Falling.
In 2002 Voodoo Glow Skulls signed to Victory Records.
Victory in the Asian Cup Winners Cup in 2000 and victory in the final of the Emperor's Cup in 2001 meant that the S-Pulse trophy cabinet was beginning to fill up, and victories in the 2001 and 2002 Japanese Super Cups meant that the club had won four cups in three years.
Croce has written other self-help books: 110 % ( 2001 ); Lead Or Get Off The Pot ( 2004 ); Pat Croce's Victory Journal ( 2002 ); and the Do It Now!
* Victory Journal ( 2002 )
Formed in 2002, the band is currently signed to Victory Records.
The band signed to Victory Records in October 2002 with a complete lineup as Hamilton attempted to complete his secondary education one semester early.
Victory has been modestly profitable since 2002.
Last Victory was in 2002 the Indians won ( 33-28 ).
Then, in July 2001, the City of Gary and Victory agree on a 15-year lease that would facilitate the building of a state-of-the-art ballpark with construction scheduled to be completed in May 2002 ; the groundbreaking ceremony was held at this time.
Derek Leebaert, professor of government at Georgetown University, supported Team B in his 2002 book " The Fifty Year Wound: How America's Cold War Victory Shapes Our World ".
Labonte also returned to the Busch Series in 2002, attempting but failing to qualify for three races in the # 04 Victory Junction Gang Dodge for Kerry Scherer.
* Victory Or Valhalla CD ( 2002 )
Victory ( 2002 ): A joint press conference between Staples and the Dogwood Alliance publicly announced the company ’ s environmental paper procurement policy.
He played in the 2002 Victory Shield, scoring in a 1 0 victory against Wales on 1 November.
Formed in 1998, Spitalfield caught the attention of Victory Records with their 2002 release The Cloak And Dagger Club EP and a year later released the fan-favorite album Remember Right Now.

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