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According and Baseball
According to its Web site, MLB. com, Major League Baseball continues to recognize Cobb's final hit total as 4, 191, though independent research has revealed that two of Cobb's hits were counted twice.
According to Baseball Digest, the Phillies were able to hit him because they knew when he was throwing the spitter.
According to the Ken Burns ' documentary series, Baseball, one of Mathewson's last words were to his wife: Now Jane, I want you to go outside and have yourself a good cry.
According to the Society for American Baseball Research, there have been 684 triple plays in Major League Baseball from 1876 to April 4, 2011.
" According to the Baseball Almanac, the original doggerel appeared in Hern's column on September 14, 1948:
According to Garagiola's book Baseball Is a Funny Game, the Hill was called " Dago Hill.
According to the Official Baseball Rules, such a streak is ended when a player has at least 1 plate appearance and no hits.
According to GameSpot. com, Baseball Mogul Online was " the world's first massively multiplayer online sports game ".
According to the Baseball Reference website ( www. baseball-reference. com ), Wynn is the " most linkable " player in baseball history.
According to both Marquard himself in The Glory of Their Times and the Baseball Hall of Fame's entry on him, the price paid for his contract was actually $ 11, 000, not $ 13, 000.
According to a recent study sponsored by the National Baseball Hall of Fame that covers the organized ( post-1920 ) Negro leagues, Lloyd batted. 343 with a. 450 slugging percentage.
According to Negro league statistics compiled in a project sponsored by the National Baseball Hall of Fame, Leonard's career batting average was. 320 and his slugging percentage was. 527.
According to Lee Allen, Cincinnati writer and eventual director of the Baseball Hall of Fame, the Worcester club impacted the National League in another way in 1880 ; it was instrumental in having the Cincinnati Reds expelled from the league after the season, due to violations of the league rules against selling beer at the ballpark.
According to Bettman, a luxury tax similar to the one used in Major League Baseball would not have satisfied the league's cost certainty objectives.
According to The Fireside Book of Baseball by Charles Einstein, in the seventh game Frisch called time and walked over from second base to the mound to tell Dean " If you don't stop clowning around, I'll take you out of the game.
According to a starred review in Kirkus, Under the Baseball Moon was “… a work that is far beyond the ordinary.
According to Major League Baseball, Willie Harris has a recorded height of 5 ' 9 " and weighs 195 pounds.
According to the Inside Baseball portion of the April 27, 1987 Sports Illustrated, Boyd listed Haiti in the ' 87 Red Sox yearbook as his favorite vacation destination.
According to Tim Darnell, who wrote The Crackers: Early Days of Atlanta Baseball, the Cubs changed their name to the Black Crackers because fans had already begun to call them by that name.
According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, the projected number of 2011 season hot dogs sold at Dodger Stadium was 2 million — establishing Farmer John Dodger Dogs as the leader in hot dog sales of all those sold in Major League Baseball ballparks.
According to Time magazine articles of the era, McLendon only paid Major League Baseball $ 1, 000. 00 per year for the rights to broadcast the games, but in 1951, the leagues raised the price to $ 250, 000. 00 per year, and prohibited broadcasts in any city which had a minor league franchise and in the northeastern and midwestern United States.
* According to the Ken Burns series Baseball, it is the number of stitches on a baseball.
According to an informal study by researchers at the National Baseball Hall of Fame, the last manager to wear street clothes is believed to be Burt Shotton of the Brooklyn Dodgers, who last managed a game on October 1, 1950.

According and Almanac
According to the Los Angeles Almanac: " The original spelling of the name of the winds is unclear, not to mention the origin.
According to the Almanac of American Politics, Carson had originally intended to attend Yale Law School, only to change his mind while at Oxford.
According to the Office of Management and Budget and the Air Force Almanac, when measured in real terms ( adjusted for inflation ), the figure is $ 790. 0 billion, or an average of $ 15. 818 billion dollars per year over its fifty year history.
* 1990: According to World Almanac and Book of Facts Hindi-Urdu has passed English ( and Spanish ) to become the second most widely spoken language in the world Hook.
According to the latest PWI Almanac, PWI also recognizes select world title reigns from 1904-July 1948, prior to the formation of the National Wrestling Alliance.
According to the 2011 edition of the Old Farmer's Almanac, the chlorophyll pigment in dark leafy greens, such as Romaine lettuce, may reduce levels of colon and liver cancer carcinogens.

According and Hank
According to Hank, Cotton was 6 ' 4 " ( 1. 93 m ) with his shins and was 5 ' 0 " ( 1. 524 m ) without.
According to the episode " Yankee Hankie ," Hank proudly believed he was born in Texas to Tillie Mae Hill and Cotton Lyndal Hill but finds ( to his disgust ) that he was actually born in New York City.
According to Hank Penny, Phillips had said, " I don't want any of that Western Swing!
According to Brian " Small Bird " Fox, Through 2010, Lieberthal may have hit the 5th-most career home runs of any Jewish major league baseball player, behind Hank Greenberg, Shawn Green, Sid Gordon, and Al Rosen, and was 7th on the all-time list in hits ( behind Gordon ) and RBIs ( behind Rosen ).
According to Hank, King's vocals were very surprising ; it came really close to Robert Plant, so much that you could trick a lot of people into thinking it was actually Led Zeppelin.
According to Waugh, Hank was " a deliberate attempt to work in the field of social usefulness.
According to fellow nightclub comedian Hank Garrett, Ross was " married eight times and they were all ex-hookers.

According and Greenberg
According to Greenberg, Eurasiatic and Amerind form a genetic node, being more closely related to each other than either is to " the other families of the Old World ".
According to Greenberg Modern art followed a process of progressive reduction and refinement toward the goal of defining the essential, formal nature of each medium.
According to Greenberg ( 1999 ) and others, the simplest 2-dimensional projective geometry is the Fano plane, which has 3 points on every line, with 7 points and lines in all arranged with the following schedule of collinearities:
According to Merritt Ruhlen, " In 1971 Greenberg presented evidence that the non-Austronesian languages of New Guinea – as well as certain languages on islands to the east and west of New Guinea – belong to an extremely diverse and ancient family that he named Indo-Pacific.
According to Greenberg, Indo-Pacific consists of fourteen families.
According to Greenberg:
According to Greenberg, contracts appeared " generally structured in a way to provide for appropriate risk transfer and accounted for properly.
According to Greenberg, the language family that Eurasiatic is most closely connected to is Amerind.
According to Keith Richards, " Finally someone has captured the central feel of this master musician and his times, and that man is Alan Greenberg.
" According to the suit, internal Greenberg e-mails showed that Abramoff associate Michael Scanlon, although not a member of the firm, " billed hours to tribal clients through Greenberg and that members of the law firm, including attorneys Kevin Ring, Shawn Vasell, Stephanie Leger, Todd Boulanger and others, fabricated hours and time entries for Scanlon.
According to the sign, the plaque was erected by Boy Scout Troop 249 in remembrance of David Greenberg ( age 12 ), Mike Early ( age 16 ), and Michael J. Lanoue ( age 13 ).
According to Bulldogs CEO Todd Greenberg, Williams was " our best player " before he " walked out ".

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