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According and Cliff
According to Cliff White, " In 1960 the company was at its most vulnerable.
" According to Cliff White, " like many others, Solomon rode the crest of this new wave of popularity and then was left high and dry when the tide of fashion receded from his shores again.
According to Cliff White, " Recording again in the south, Memphis and Music Shoals, he did a superb job on several well known perennials, including " That Lucky Old Sun ", " What Am I Living For ", and " Please Send Me Someone to Love.
According to the first plat filed, the original township of Oak Cliff extended as far north as First Street, later named Colorado Boulevard, just north of Lake Cliff, then known as Spring Lake, and as far south as a pavilion below Thirteenth Street.
According to Yuanwu Keqin's commentary in The Blue Cliff Record, when Huángbò first met Baizhang, Baizhang exclaimed, “ Magnificent!
According to the April 1 – 4, 1993, telephone survey of 1, 011 people by the Times Mirror Center for the People and the Press ( now Pew Research Center ), Sam Malone was voted a favorite of 26 %; Cliff Clavin was voted a favorite of 2 %.
According to the American newspaper, Pătrăşcanu had reassured media that " industrialists, businessmen and hankers will escape punishment as war criminals "; Cliff also argued that the new course in justice had failed to alter what he saw as Romania's " bureaucratic and militarist character ".
According to tradition, the stones cut from the Palisades Cliff paved many New York City streets, including Broadway.
According to Nigel Cliff in The Shakespeare Riots, the riots furthered the process of class alienation and segregation in New York City and America ; as part of that process, the entertainment world separated into " respectable " and " working-class " orbits.

According and Kincaid
According to neurologist John C. Kincaid:
According to Kincaid & Parasnis, Balaji Vishwanath entered the Maratha administration during the reign of Chhatrapati Sambhaji or the regency of his brother, Rajaram.

According and Castro
According to Joe R. Reeder, Under Secretary of the Army from 1993 to 1997, Fidel Castro has used body doubles.
According to Maria Werlau, the extreme concentration of power to Castro family seems comparable in modern times only to that of North Korea under the regimes of Kim Jong Il and Kim Il Sung.
According to Human Rights Watch, Castro constructed a " repressive machinery " which continues to deprive Cubans of their basic rights.
According to Pedro, any mention of Castro in their home would result in a tirade from Hector, for which he earned a reputation with local informants, who as a result, made life difficult for the family.
According to Monarrez Fragoso, " In the year 2000, it was known that the body of Elizabeth Castro Garcia, whose murder was attributed to Omar Sharif Latif, does not beolong to her.
According to Combs, Chandler had deposited the money in a Cuban bank, but the money was lost when Fidel Castro overthrew the government in the Cuban Revolution.
According to Landino's research on " La Prensa del Beisbol Latino ", a SABR publication, Castro is at Division 10, row 9, number 18 in this cemetery.
According to Castro, this was the fatal mistake in the operation.
According to this theory, Trafficante believed that Roselli had revealed too much about the Kennedy assassination and Castro murder plots during his Senate testimony, violating the strict Mafia code of omertà ( silence ).
According to police records Fidel Castro was suspected of personally assassinating Gaitán, as his Cuban travelling companion, Rafael del Pino was seen with the fascist former mental patient, Juan Roa, an hour and a half before the assassination.
According to the Los Angeles Times, the petition drive was " the biggest nonviolent campaign to change the system the elder Castro established after the 1959 Cuban revolution ", giving Payá an international reputation as a leading dissident.
* According to the Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association, the neighborhood is bounded by Market, Castro and Waller Street and therefore includes Duboce Park and some blocks to its north.
According to Castro, Batista was a " monstrum horrendum ... without entrails " who had committed an act of treachery in 1933 when he initiated a coup to oust Cuban president Ramón Grau.
According to Matos, Castro told him, "' Your resignation is not acceptable at this point.
According to José María Bermúdez de Castro, co-director of research at an archeological site in Atapuerca, findings have uncovered " anatomical evidence of the hominids that fabricated tools more than one million years ago ", which may have been the earliest West European hominid.
According to critic Prof. Ginette Castro, Gould Davis proposed a discourse " rooted in the purest female chauvinism " and seemed to support " a feminist counterattack stigmatizing the patriarchal present ", " giv ... in to a revenge-seeking form of feminism ", " build ... her case on the humiliation of men ", and " asserti ... a specifically feminine nature ... morally superior.
According to Castro, the book " undeniably " encouraged women to study their history.
According to the 2002 census of the National Statistics Institute, Castro spans an area of and has 39, 366 inhabitants ( 19, 325 men and 20, 041 women ).
According to The Second Fireside Book of Baseball, Castro and some friends commandeered the park where Hoak's team was playing.

According and advocated
According to Blake, Disraeli believed in upholding Britain's greatness through a tough, " no nonsense " foreign policy that put Britain's interests above the " moral law " that advocated emancipation of small nations.
According to British war cabinet minutes released in 2006, Winston Churchill advocated Himmler's assassination.
According to Soviet advisors ( in 1987 ), a bitter debate within the party had broken out between those who advocated the islamisation of the party and those who wanted to defend the gains of the Saur Revolution.
According to the book A Beautiful Mind, John Nash ( one of the game's inventors ) advocated 14 × 14 as the optimal size.
According to the Party's official historian this period was marked by a growing division between the practitioners of cultural politics – heavily inspired by the writings of Antonio Gramsci and party's powerful industrial department which advocated a policy of militant labourism.
According to his opponents he advocated that the only grace necessary was the declaration of the law ; humans were not wounded by Adam's sin and were perfectly able to fulfill the law apart from any divine aid.
According to Max Elbaum's Revolution in the Air they contrasted themselves with other self-identified Marxist-Leninst parties in the 1980s who advocated working within or alongside Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition, with the RCP summarizing their position in the slogan, " The right to vote has been won ... Now we need the political awareness and sophistication not to use it.
According to her 2007 campaign website, Royal has advocated a policy of more humane prisons and supports creating better conditions inside penal institutions.
According to living wage advocates Smith advocated that labor should receive an equitable share of what labor produces ; According to Smith, this equitable share amounts to more than subsistence.
According to Harrington's account of the split, when he opened discussion with racial-separatist rabbi Mayer Schiller ( see section on Harrington's ideological development below ) and advocated a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, he was attacked as a " Zionist ".
According to 19th century German theologian F. C. Baur early Christianity was dominated by the conflict between Peter who was law observant and Paul who advocated partial or even complete freedom from the law.
According to Pound, these jurisprudential movements advocatedthe adjustment of principles and doctrines to the human conditions they are to govern rather than to assumed first principles .” While Pound was Dean, law school registration almost doubled, but his standards were so rigorous that only two-thirds of his students gained degrees.
According to Dennis King, the USLP chairman advocated launching ABC ( atomic, biological and chemical ) warfare against the Soviet Union as well as the military crushing of Britain ( which his newspaper described as the headquarters of the " Zionist-British organism ").
According to a 1969 study, no major labor organization in American history has ever advocated violence as a policy.
According to Kent, Rose advocated a very personal commitment similar to Gurdjieff and he discouraged casual commitment.
According to Warren, there should be absolutely no community of property ; all property should be individualized, and " those who advocated any type of communism with connected property, interests, and responsibilities were doomed to failure because of the individuality of the persons involved in such an experiment.
According to historian Adrian Johns, the slogan expresses a view that had already been articulated in the mid 20th century by Norbert Wiener, Michael Polanyi and Arnold Plant, who advocated the free communication of scientific knowledge, and specifically criticized the patent system.
According to ancient history which has been accepted and advocated by the scions of Sultan Kudarat, a descendant of the renowned Shariff Kabungsuan of Maguindanao was that the name Dinas was taken from a Maguindanao term Di Nas where “ Di ” means “ Not ” and “ Nas ” means “ Bad Luck or Unlucky ”.
According to Dubnov, assimilation was not a natural phenomenon and the Jewish political struggle should be centered on a Jewish autonomy based upon community, language and education, and not upon class struggle as advocated by Bundist theorists.
According to historian Ian Dowbiggin, leading public figures, including Clarence Darrow and Jack London, advocated for the legalization of euthanasia.
According to Bill Dobbins she retired due gender discrimination guidelines set up by the IFBB that advocated for more " femininity " and less " muscularity " in the sport.

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