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:( and According
:( According to her name, to shew her nature right )

:( and George
:( 3 ) The constitutional powers of the King are hereditary through the direct, natural, and legitimate descent from HM Leopold George Christian Frederick of Saxe-Coburg, from male to male, by order of primogeniture and with the permanent exclusion of women and of their descendants.
Image :( 1 ) St_George_Maronite_Church ( Thornleigh ). jpg | St George Maronite Catholic Church, Yarrara Road
:( George Oliver to George Tennyson, 24 November 1818, quoted in Jupp )

:( and there
:( iii ) Enhanced procedural protection, fairness, rights: These procedural protections are there to guarantee that young people ’ s rights are protected and that they are treated fairly.
:( They ) keep their language among themselves without receiving the Welsh speech or learning any part thereof, and hold themselves so close to the same that to this day they wonder at a Welshman coming among them, the one neighbour saying to the other " Look there goeth a Welshman ".
:( As CHUM Limited held the rights to this program throughout the rest of the country, when CIVI-TV lanuched in nearby Victoria, British Columbia, the broadcast rights transferred over to there.
:( d ) whether there exist sufficient grounds to impeach the Rt Hon Tony Blair on charges of gross misconduct in his advocacy of the case for war against Iraq and in his conduct of policy in connection with that war.
:( Not all of the British occupational categories have been subdivided yet, and there are more articles about Scottish people in the British people by occupation categories.
:( 4 ) It seems < u > that there is no end to this </ u >.
:( b ) " Targeted " minor decoy operations may be conducted for a single licensee or agent, but may be used only if there is a documented compliance problem with the specific licensee or agent that is the target of the operation.
:( 1 ) the orderly termination of military operations there and the safe and systematic withdrawal of remaining armed forces by December 31, 1971 ;

:( and are
:( 3 ) Use sliding assembling lines by which the parts to be assembled are delivered at convenient distances.
:( 1 ) All we have access to in perception are the contents of our own experience and
:( 2 ) The only epistemic basis for claims about the external world are our perceptual experiences
:( 2 ) the unorganized militia, which consists of the members of the militia who are not members of the National Guard or the Naval Militia.
:( 2116 ) All forms of divination are to be rejected: recourse to Satan or demons, conjuring up the dead or other practices falsely supposed to " unveil " the future.
:( 1 ) Where 12 or more persons who are present together use or threaten unlawful violence for a common purpose and the conduct of them ( taken together ) is such as would cause a person of reasonable firmness present at the scene to fear for his personal safety, each of the persons using unlawful violence for the common purpose is guilty of riot.
:( d ) the passing of sentences and the carrying out of executions without previous judgment pronounced by a regularly constituted court, affording all the judicial guarantees which are recognized as indispensable by civilized peoples.
:( c ) There was no evidence of physical abuse, neglect, sexual molestation, or serious personality disorders in the Ramsey household prior to the murder, some combination of which are associated with most cases of children killed by parents.
:( b ) Each Member has the right to grant compulsory licences and the freedom to determine the grounds upon which such licences are granted.
:( d ) The effect of the provisions in the TRIPS Agreement that are relevant to the exhaustion of intellectual property rights is to leave each Member free to establish its own regime for such exhaustion without challenge, subject to the MFN and national treatment provisions of Articles 3 and 4.
:( 1 ) concept evaluations, where concepts representing product ideas are presented to consumers in verbal or visual form and then quantitatively evaluated by consumers by indicating degrees of purchase intent, likelihood of trial, etc.,
:( 2 ) positioning, which is concept evaluation wherein concepts positioned in the same functional product class are evaluated together, and
:( 3 ) product / concept tests, where consumers first evaluate a concept, then the corresponding product, and the results are compared.
:( a ) we are never justified in believing that moral claims ( claims of the form " state of affairs x is good ," " action y is morally obligatory ," etc.
:( i ) all moral claims are false,
:( ii ) we have reason to believe that all moral claims are false, and so, because
:( iii ) we are not justified in believing any claim we have reason to deny, we are therefore not justified in believing any moral claims.
:( But they are refusing, of cuss!
:( Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan are the only provinces not to have had an upper house )
:( b ) the Hurrians – one of the most important peoples in the ancient Near East – who are otherwise unmentioned in the Hebrew Bible, or
:( Items A through D are principles of constructivism from his 1973 Schizophrenia in contemporary mathematics, reprinted in Rosenblatt 1985 )
:( A. B ) ∩ ( a. b ), ( A. C ) ∩ ( a. c ), ( B. C ) ∩ ( b. c ) are collinear.
:( These works are collectively referred to as " the Mitrokhin Archives ".

:( and no
:( 2 ) the batter reaches first base safely on a fair ball hit with such force, or so slowly, that any fielder attempting to make a play with the ball has no opportunity to do so ;
:( e ) Make the conclusion of contracts subject to acceptance by the other parties of supplementary obligations that, by their nature or according to commercial usage, have no connection with the subject of such contracts
:( determiner ) ne … aucun — " no / not any " ( also nul, literary )
:( a ) There was no physical evidence linking John and Patsy to the homicide, and physical evidence found near JonBenét's body suggested the presence of an unidentified person in the Ramsey home.
:( b ) There was no plausible motive for the Ramseys to kill their daughter.
:( the bicycle ) makes me independent in a way no other form of transport can-it needs no fuel, no documents and very little maintenance.
:( There are but three literary cycles that no one should be without: the matter of France, of Britain, and of great Rome.
:( But no one ever does )
:( multilingual environmental glossary in 28 languages: ar, bg, cs, da, de, el, en, es, et, eu, fi, fr, hu, is, it, lt, lv, mt, nl, no, pl, pt, ro, ru, sk, sl, sv, tr )
:( 2 ) Theravada Buddhism, with no fewer than 125 million adherents.
no :( pronounced ' lĕh -' nérd ' skin -' nérd )
:( 1 ) discussed situations where "... contract may be formed by the interaction of electronic agents of the parties, even if no individual was aware of or reviewed the electronic agents ' actions or the resulting terms and agreements.
At this point, the insurer has three options, to :( 1 ) seek a declaratory judgment of no coverage ; ( 2 ) defend ; or ( 3 ) refuse either to defend or to seek a declaratory judgment.
:( c ) a debate about the place of religious movements and organisations in the public domain ; as a secularist Grayling argues that these should see themselves as civil society organisations on a par with trades unions and other NGOs, with every right to exist and to have their say, but no greater right than any other self-constituted, self-selected interest group
:( b ) Except as provided in subsections ( a ) and ( c ), notwithstanding any other provision of law, or any certificate or other authority heretofore or hereafter issued thereunder, no person shall provide or offer to provide the transportation of individuals, by air, for compensation or hire as a common carrier between Love Field, Texas, and one or more points outside the State of Texas, except that a person providing service to a point outside of Texas from Love Field on November 1, 1979 may continue to provide service to such point.
no :( The ) Rock and Roll Waltz
no :( 19308 ) 1996 TO66
no :( It's No ) Sin
:( 1 ) the postulate of the principle, or the Cogitatio natural universalis ( good will of the thinker and good nature of thought ); ( 2 ) the postulate of the ideal, or common sense ( common sense as the concordia facultatum and good sense as the distribution which guarantees this concord ); ( 3 ) the postulate of the model, or of recognition ( recognition inviting all the faculties to exercise themselves upon an object supposedly the same, and the consequent possibility of error in the distribution when one faculty confuses one of its objects with a different object of another faculty ); ( 4 ) the postulate of the element or of representation ( when difference is subordinated to the complimentary dimensions of the Same and the Similar, the Analogous and the Opposed ; ( 5 ) the postulate of the negative, or of error ( in which error expresses everything which can go wrong in thought, but only as the product of external mechanisms ); ( 6 ) the postulate of logical function, or the proposition ( designation is taken to be the locus of truth, sense being no more than the neutralized double or the infinite doubling of the proposition ); ( 7 ) the postulate of modality, or solutions ( problems being materially traced from propositions or indeed, formally defined by the possibility of their being solved ); ( 8 ) the postulate of the end, or result, the postulate of knowledge ( the subordination of learning to knowledge, and of culture to method.

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