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According and FAQ
According to the Ruby FAQ, " If you like Perl, you will like Ruby and be right at home with its syntax.
According to the SPEWS FAQ: " Q41: How does one contact SPEWS?
According to the SPEWS FAQ, listings were removed when the spam or spam-support has stopped.
According to the FAQ about Nutch, an open-source search engine website, the savings in bandwidth by distributed web crawling are not significant, since " A successful search engine requires more bandwidth to upload query result pages than its crawler needs to download pages ...".
According to its FAQ, its purpose is neither to encourage nor discourage suicide.
According to the site's FAQ page, " we don't believe in physical violence of any kind, and the Scripture doesn't support racism.
According to the foundation's FAQ site, it has raised more than $ 4 million to date and in 2008, it distributed more than $ 1. 1 million in grant money to more than 500 shelters and breed rescues.
According to the aMule official FAQ, these are the default ports.
According to the FAQ, around 65-70 % of the comic is based on real life experiences, although toward the beginning it was closer to 90 %.
* According to the Spam Thresholds FAQ a BI of 20 / 45 applies to all hierarchies.
According to the project FAQ, the Soar development community no longer regards Soar as an acronym so it is no longer spelled all in caps though it is still representative of the core of the implementation.
According to the National Severe Storms Laboratory FAQ, " Tornado Alley " is a term created by the media as a reference to areas that have higher numbers of tornadoes.
According to a FAQ on the official Gary Gygax website, the Mythus Fantasy setting for Dangerous Journeys was merely one of several settings planned for the system.
According to Victar's Primal Rage FAQ
According to the Stratus FAQ, VOS was designed from its inception as a high-security transaction-processing environment tailored to fault-tolerant hardware.
According to the FAQ at http :// www. libsdl. org / faq. php? action = listentries & category = 1:
According to CeCILL FAQ there are no major differences in spirit, though there are in terms.
According to a related Microsoft FAQ, " Providers like ADO. Net which can run on top of OLE DB will not support OLE DB once the latter is deprecated ", but the same answer in the FAQ states that the original post relates only to the OLE DB provider for SQL Server, so the position of OLE DB itself remains unclear.
She is now known for her use of a Polaroid 20 by 24 inch camera ( one of only 6 in existence ),< ref > According to her web site FAQ,
According to the alt. atheism FAQ, the purpose of the group is to discuss atheism and atheist topics such as the following:
According to MinGW FAQ, circular dependency on GLib makes pkg-config difficult to compile on Windows.
According to an example in the Winners FAQ, an item selling there for $ 29. 99 was made to sell for 20-60 % more at a specialty or department store.
According to a FAQ on Bob Skir's web site " Hey, I argued till I was blue in the face for our new bat to be a female ( in my mind she was Newt from Aliens.

According and US
According to the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, indirect comparison indicates that side-effects from benzodiazepines may be about twice as frequent as from nonbenzodiazepines.
According to a recent opinion poll, 39 % of Americans believe the US has a crony capitalist system.
According to the CIA World Factbook, Costa Rica's GDP per capita is US $ 10, 900 ( 2009 ); however, there is a lack of maintenance and new investment in infrastructure, 21. 3 % of the people living below the poverty line and 7. 8 % ( 2009 ) unemployed.
According to the US, the Cuban Government has taken no action against al-Qaida or other terrorist groups.
According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics the median wage for commercial and print models was only $ 11. 22 per hour in 2006.
According to a study, " in most areas studied, the various ventures that prompted deforestation rarely generated more than US $ 5 for every ton of carbon they released and frequently returned far less than US $ 1 ".
According to the US General Services Administration:
According to the Bank for International Settlements, the total outstanding notional amount is US $ 708 trillion ( as of June 2011 ).
According to US President John Adams, Ponet's work contained " all the essential principles of liberty, which were afterward dilated on by Sidney and Locke ", including the idea of a three-branched government.
According to its website, the US National Security Agency ( NSA ) is " a high technology organization ... on the frontiers of communications and data processing ".
According to World Bank estimates, Eritrea lost US $ 225 million worth of livestock and 55, 000 homes during the war.
According to the World Tourism Organization, international tourism receipts in 2002 were only US $ 73 million ( compared with US $ 730 million for Tanzania ).
According to the International Monetary Fund, in 2003 foreign reserves were just US $ 17. 2 million, sufficient to cover only two weeks of imports.
According to the US Department of State 2009 human rights report there are hundreds of political prisoners in Ethiopia.
According to Herbert Weinstock's 1968 biography ( see below ), the composer's estate was valued at 2. 5 million francs upon his death in 1868, the equivalent of about 1. 4 million US dollars.
According to Lipper, the average US domestic equity mutual fund decreased 37. 6 % in 2008.
According to the Hague and Geneva Conventions, the US, as an occupying power, was responsible for the human rights and security of Iraqi civilians.
According to the Canadian Encyclopedia " its grand plaza and lower office buildings, designed by internationally famous US architect I. M.
According to former Indian diplomat G Parthasarathy, " only after we got nothing from the US did arms supplies from the Soviet Union to India commence ".
* According to the US Department of Justice, prison time as a percentage of the time sentenced to jail was 73 % in 1993 and increased to 86 % in 1997.
According to Federal Election Commission data, Spacey has contributed US $ 42, 000 to Democratic candidates and committees.
According to Keith Mayes, the author of Kwanzaa: Black Power and the Making of the African-American Holiday Tradition, the popularity within the US has " leveled off " as the black power movement there has declined, and now between half and two million people celebrate Kwanzaa in the US, or between one and five percent of African Americans.

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