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Church and Manual
Eddy even stipulated in her Church Manual that " careless comparison or irreverent reference to Christ Jesus is abnormal in a Christian Scientist and is prohibited.
They have their own by-laws, bank accounts, assets and officers, but in order to be recognised must abide by the by-laws in the Manual of The Mother Church.
Church services are regulated by the Manual, the set of by-laws written by Eddy, that establishes the church organization and explains the duties and responsibilities of members, officers, practitioners, teachers and nurses ; and establishes rules for discipline and other aspects of church business.
The Christian Science Board of Directors is a five-person executive entity created by Mary Baker Eddy to conduct the business of the Christian Science Church under the terms defined in the by-laws of the Church Manual.
In late 1993, a group of Christian Scientists filed suit against the Board of Directors, alleging a willful disregard for the Manual of the Mother Church in its financial dealings.
Though the Church is prohibited by the Manual from publishing membership figures, the number of branch churches in the United States has fallen steadily since World War II.
* Manual of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts ( 88th Edition )
In its entry on " Unification Church ", the 2002 edition of The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage advised: " Unification Church is appropriate in all references to the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, which was founded by the Rev.
The Baptist Church Manual states " We believe that the law of God is the eternal and unchangeable rule of His moral government.
Many Anglo-Catholic parishes in the Church of England use A Manual of Anglo-Catholic Devotion ( successor to the earlier A Manual of Catholic Devotion ).
He published A Manual for Young Church Members ( 1833 ); edited, with a biography, the Select Practical Writings of Richard Baxter ( 1831 ); and was the author of a number of hymns, the best-known of which is the one beginning, " O God, beneath Thy guiding hand Our exiled fathers crossed the sea.
* The Ascension of the Lord S. V. Bulgakov, Manual for Church Servers ( theology and symbolism of the Feast )
Eddy devoted the rest of her life to the establishment of the church, writing its bylaws, The Manual of The Mother Church, and revising Science and Health.
* The Manual of The Mother Church
* A Manual of Prayers for the Catholic Laity: The Official Prayerbook of the Catholic Church ( 1896 ) Official pew missalette adopted for American Catholics by the Third Plenary Council of Baltimore.
* Manual of the Antiquities of the Church
* A Manual of Church History, Comprising the First Six Centuries
* A Manual of Church History: Mediaeval Churhc History, A. D. 590-A. D. 1073
Influenced by the indigenous church mission theories of Anglican Henry Venn ( 1796 – 1873 ) and American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions secretary Rufus Anderson ( 1796 – 1880 ), from the beginning of the global expansion of the Church of the Nazarene ( including its antecedent groups ), there was a commitment to the development of indigenous churches and districts within the framework of a unitary global denomination under the authority of the Manual.
The official doctrines of the Church of the Nazarene are published in the Manual: Church of the Nazarene, which is published quadrennially after the General Assembly, the primary convention and gathering of Nazarenes, at which leaders are elected, and amendments and suggestions are incorporated into the Manual.

Church and page
It made the same statement with regard also to later ordinations by those bishops, saying that, " as for those who have already thus unlawfully received ordination or any who may yet accept ordination from these, whatever may be the validity of the orders ( quidquid sit de ordinum validitate ), the Church does not and will not recognise their ordination ( ipsorum ordinationem ), and will consider them, for all legal effects, as still in the state in which they were before, except that the ... penalties remain until they repent " ( Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Decree Episcopi qui alios of 17 September 1976-Acta Apostolicae Sedis 1976, page 623 ).
* Biographical Sketch from the home page of the Reformed Presbyterian Church ( Covenanted )
* St. David the Briton, in St. Joseph of Arimathea at Glastonbury Or the Apostolic Church of Britain by Lionel Smithett Lewis, page 198
Title page of Martin Luther's On the Babylonian Captivity of the Church | De Captivitate Babylonica Ecclesiae
Three years later editorial page editor William P. Cheshire and four of his staff resigned, charging that, at the explicit direction of Sang Kook Han, a top official of the Unification Church, then-editor Arnaud de Borchgrave had stifled editorial criticism of political repression in South Korea.
* Santa Coloma Church in Circulo Romanico page
* Royal Garrison Church page at English Heritage
* Apostolic Church of God home page
On page 72 of the 1998 edition of the Church Handbook of Instructions, the LDS Church created a new policy that a woman may also be sealed to more than one man.
* Laestadian Lutheran Church Home page
" By Dr. James H. Cone, Ph. D. AME Church Review, Volume CVI, No. 341 ( 1991 ), page 25.
* Boice's page at Tenth Presbyterian Church
The title page of the book reads " Book of Commandments, for the government of the Church of Christ, organized according to the law on the 6th of April, 1830.
* Official page on Christ Church, Sandymount
* Egham Hythe, St Paul's Church and Edward Budgen ( see history page )
Goldhagen noted in an interview with The Atlantic, as well as in the book's introduction, that the title and the first page of the book reveal its purpose as a moral, rather than historical analysis, asserting that he has invited European Church representatives to present their own historical account in discussing morality and reparation.
XXXVI + 76 p. ( collection of liturgical texts in Glagolitic script, with a brief Church Slavonic grammar written in Latin language and Slavonic-Latin dictionary ; see a sample page: )
At page 208 of Boston Catholics, O ' Connor writes: " It was under O ' Connell's influence too, that the Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Boston assumed a conceptual solidarity and impressive visibility that it had never seen before and would never see again.
Die Thule-Gesellschaft Article on an information page from the Swiss Reformed Church
* Mason's ' The Boston Handel and Haydn Society Collection of Church Music ' Title page and sample hymn, from the Web site of Centre College
Crux Ansata, subtitle ' An Indictment of the Roman Catholic Church ' by H. G. Wells is a ( 96 page ) wartime book first published in 1943 by Penguin Books, Hammonsworth ( Great Britain ): Penguin Special No. 129.
In 2012, a seven-year-old tavern, Ale Mary's, received controversy when a Facebook page was established a few weeks ago demanding that relics ( which can be made suitable for secular display by a certain process ) on display there be returned to the Catholic Church ; the owner, Tom Rivers, has received threats because of the unique situation.
* Official General Conference page of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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