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Disraeli and is
Indeed, Disraeli had objected to Murray about Croker inserting " high Tory " sentiment, writing that " it is quite impossible that anything adverse to the general measure of Reform can issue from my pen.
The other great party, the Whigs, was anathema to Disraeli: " Toryism is worn out & I cannot condescend to be a Whig.
Disraeli spoke in favour of the measure, arguing that Christianity was " completed Judaism ," and asking of the House of Commons " Where is your Christianity if you do not believe in their Judaism?
Because of the split in the Conservative Party and because of Disraeli's unpopularity, arising from the budget fight of 1852, which is outlined above, no Conservative reconciliation remained possible so long as Disraeli remained leader in the House of Commons.
Disraeli wrote a personal letter to Gladstone, asking him to place the good of the party above personal animosity: " Every man performs his office, and there is a Power, greater than ourselves, that disposes of all this ..." In responding to Disraeli Gladstone denied that personal feelings played any role in his decision then and previously to accept office, while acknowledging that there were differences between him and Derby " broader than you may have supposed.
There is also a memorial to Disraeli in the chancel in the church, erected in his honour by Queen Victoria.
Gladstone is famous for his oratory, for his rivalry with the Conservative Leader Benjamin Disraeli and his poor relations with Queen Victoria, who once complained, " He always addresses me as if I were a public meeting.
That is the doctrine not merely of Peel, of Disraeli, of Salisbury, and Chamberlain ; it is the doctrine of Gladstone ; it is the doctrine of Cobden ; it is the doctrine of Bright ; and it is the doctrine of Campbell Bannerman ... It is the doctrine of all the great Liberal leaders of the past and present ".
* January 1 – Queen Victoria is proclaimed Empress of India by the Royal Titles Act 1876, introduced by Benjamin Disraeli, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
Disraeli Gears is often considered to be the band's defining effort, successfully blending psychedelic British rock with American blues.
This is the second time this has occurred ; Stafford Northcote lived in Number 10 at one point, while Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli occupied Number 11.
Astor did occasionally meet with Nazi officials in keeping with Neville Chamberlain's policies, and it is true that she distrusted and disliked British Foreign Secretary ( later Prime Minister ) Anthony Eden, stating that the more she saw of him the " more certain " she was that he would " never be a Disraeli ".
Disraeli ( 1929 ) is a historical film directed by Alfred E. Green, released by Warner Brothers, and adapted by Julien Josephson and De Leon Anthony from a play by Louis N. Parker.
Later, Disraeli receives the welcome news that the spendthrift Khedive of Egypt is in dire need of money and is willing to sell the controlling shares in the Suez Canal.
The purchase of the canal would secure control of India, but Michael Probert, head of the Bank of England, makes it clear to Disraeli that he is vehemently opposed to any such plan.
Disraeli is elated when he receives the news.
She is buried with Disraeli in a vault in the Church of St Michael and All Angels Church, Hughenden in the Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, close to the Disraeli family home, Hughenden Manor.

Disraeli and lead
" Cranborne, however, was unable to lead a rebellion similar to that which Disraeli had led against Peel twenty years earlier.
He won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor – Miniseries or a Movie for Hallmark Hall of Fame: Invincible Mr. Disraeli in 1963 and received two other nominations, one as a lead and the other as a supporting actor.
In opposition he did not take as prominent a part as previously, but when Disraeli ( by then created Earl of Beaconsfield ) died in 1881, there were some Conservatives who considered that his claim to lead the party was better than that of Lord Salisbury.

Disraeli and back
As a result, the Treaty of Berlin ( 1878 ), under the supervision of Otto von Bismarck of the German empire and Benjamin Disraeli of Britain, revised the earlier treaty, and scaled back the proposed Bulgarian state.

Disraeli and over
Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel passed over Disraeli when putting together his government in 1841 and Disraeli, hurt, gradually became a sharp critic of Peel's government, often deliberately adopting positions contrary to those of his nominal chief.
The end of 1845 and the first months of 1846 were dominated by a battle in parliament between the free traders and the protectionists over the repeal of the Corn Laws, with the latter rallying around Disraeli and Lord George Bentinck.
The first opportunity for the protectionist Tories under Disraeli and Stanley to take office came in 1851, when Lord John Russell's government was defeated in the House of Commons over the Ecclesiastical Titles Act 1851.
Since that time, no consensus had yet been reached, and Disraeli was criticised for mixing up details over the different " schedules " of income.
Disraeli and Gladstone clashed over Britain's Balkan policy.
Her wish to be buried there was granted after she left an estate sworn at under £ 40, 000, of which Disraeli received over £ 30, 000.
While in government, Disraeli presided over a series of social reforms which supported his one nation politics and aimed to create a benevolent hierarchy.
Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli ( Antony Sher ) has a weakening hold over the House of Commons and a fear of rising anti-monarchical sentiment in the country.
; 1851: Correspondence between Lord Stanley, whose father became British Prime Minister the following year, and Benjamin Disraeli, who became Chancellor of the Exchequer alongside him, records Disraeli's proto-Zionist views: " He then unfolded a plan of restoring the nation to Palestine – said the country was admirably suited for them – the financiers all over Europe might help – the Porte is weak – the Turks / holders of property could be bought out – this, he said, was the object of his life ...." Coningsby was merely a feeler – my views were not fully developed at that time – since then all I have written has been for one purpose.
In 1874 when Disraeli formed an administration Salisbury returned as Secretary of State for India and in 1878 was appointed Foreign Secretary and played a leading part in the Congress of Berlin, despite doubts over Disraeli's pro-Ottoman policy.
Maloway made the Disraeli bridge his main issue in the 2008 federal election, and was elected over Conservative candidate Thomas Steen.
In order to survive, the British Empire, under the leadership of Queen Victoria and Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, employed the Royal Navy and dozens of civilian ships to evacuate the population of the British Isles to its colonies in India, Australasia, and South Africa over the next several years.
Lord ( William ) George Frederick Cavendish-Scott-Bentinck ( 27 February 1802 – 21 September 1848 ), better known as simply Lord George Bentinck, was an English Conservative politician and racehorse owner, best known ( with Benjamin Disraeli ) for his role in unseating Sir Robert Peel over the Corn Laws.
Although Bentinck and Disraeli did not prevent the repeal of the Corn Laws, they did succeed in forcing Peel's resignation some weeks later over the Irish Coercion Bill.

Disraeli and at
Furthermore, John Murray believed that Disraeli had caricatured him and abused his confidence – an accusation denied at the time, and by the official biography, although subsequent biographers ( notably Blake ) have sided with Murray.
One contemporary who tried to bridge the gap, William Makepeace Thackeray, established a tentative cordial relationship in the late 1840s only to see everything collapse when Disraeli took offence at a burlesque of him which Thackeray penned for Punch.
" Further, at the time Gallomania was published, Disraeli was in fact electioneering in High Wycombe in the Radical interest.
With Gladstone's refusal Derby and Disraeli looked elsewhere and settled on Disraeli's old friend Edward Bulwer-Lytton, who became Secretary of State for the Colonies ; Derby's son Lord Stanley, succeeded Ellenborough at the Board of Control.
Disraeli and Queen Victoria, during the latter's visit to Hughenden Manor at the height of the Eastern crisis.
A leading proponent of the Great Game, Disraeli introduced the Royal Titles Act 1876, which created Queen Victoria Empress of India, putting her at the same level as the Russian Tsar.
Disraeli scored another diplomatic success at the Congress of Berlin in 1878, in preventing Bulgaria from gaining full independence, limiting the growing influence of Russia in the Balkans and breaking up the League of the Three Emperors.
Although born of Jewish parents, Disraeli was baptised in the Christian faith at the age of twelve, and remained an observant Anglican for the rest of his life.
The government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, conferred the additional title upon her by an Act of Parliament, reputedly to assuage the monarch's irritation at being, as a mere Queen, notionally inferior to her own daughter ( Princess Victoria was the wife of the reigning German Emperor ); the Indian Imperial designation was also formally justified as the expression of Britain succeeding as paramount ruler of the subcontinent the former Mughal ' Padishah of Hind ', using indirect rule through hundreds of princely states formally under protection, not colonies, but accepting the British Sovereign as their suzerain.
In fact, at their 2005 reunion shows in London, Cream played only three songs from Disraeli Gears: " Outside Woman Blues ", " We're Going Wrong ," and " Sunshine of Your Love.
The Green Goddess was filmed in 1929 and completed before Disraeli, but was held out of release until 1930 at the request of Arliss because he felt this film was a better vehicle for his talkie debut.
" Once, at a house party where Lord Hardinge, a great soldier of the day, was in the room next to the Disraelis, Mary Anne announced at breakfast that she had slept the night before between the greatest soldier ( Hardinge ) and the greatest orator ( Disraeli ) of their times, and Lady Hardinge was definitely not amused.
The Green Goddess was filmed in 1929 and completed before Disraeli ( 1929 ), but was held out of release until later at the request of George Arliss because he felt the other film was a better vehicle for his talkie debut.
Palmerston rejected an offer from Disraeli to become Conservative leader, but he attended the meeting of 6 June 1859 in Willis's Rooms at St James Street where the Liberal Party was formed.
Disraeli wrote: " What pluck to mount those dreadful stairs at three o ' clock in the morning, and eighty years of age!
Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and Magical Mystery Tour ), Small Faces (" Itchycoo Park "), Eric Burdon & The Animals ( Winds of Change ), The Doors ( The Doors and Strange Days ), Jefferson Airplane ( Surrealistic Pillow and After Bathing at Baxter's ), Pink Floyd ( The Piper at the Gates of Dawn ), Love ( Forever Changes ), Cream ( Disraeli Gears ), The Rolling Stones ( Their Satanic Majesties Request ), The Who ( The Who Sell Out ), The Velvet Underground ( The Velvet Underground & Nico ), Procol Harum ( Procol Harum ), and The Jimi Hendrix Experience ( Are You Experienced?
She made Disraeli Earl of Beaconsfield at this time.
Although the Treasury paid for the cost of repairs, as it had done in the past, Disraeli now insisted it should also bear the cost of furnishings at least in the public areas.
Samuel Warren attacked him as Venom Tuft in Ten Thousand a Year ; and Disraeli aimed at him partially in Ste Barbe ( in Endymion ), though the satire here was directed primarily against Thackeray.

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