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Page "government" ¶ 87
from Brown Corpus
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Note and So
* 1998: So What ( Blue Note ) trio with Kenny Barron and Lewis Nash
Karl E. Wagner, collection ) Note: Wellman originally intended Valley So Low to be the title of a sixth Silver John novel, but his intervening death prevented him writing it.
Note: All tracks except " You're So Good To Me " and " It's Got To Be Love " were featured on the CBS reruns of The Monkees from 1970 – 1972

Note and far
Note that the excreted droplet patently is not whole blood, being far more dilute ).
Note that a theoretical perfect termination at the far end of the cable would entirely absorb the applied pulse without causing any reflection.
Blue Note was by then recording a mixture of established acts ( Rollins, Adderley ) and artists who in some cases had recorded before, but often produced performances for the label which by far exceeded earlier recordings in quality ( Blue Train is often considered to be the first significant recording by Coltrane as a leader ).
Note the ' grid squares thus formed are far larger than the city blocks described earlier, and the road layouts within the grid squares are generally ' organic ' in form — matching the ' street hierarchy model described above
( Note that the Oxford English Dictionary traces the word " leadership " in English only as far back as the 19th century.
Note the interstate highway along the far side of the river.
Three albums for Blue Note in the late fifties showcased Powell's ability as a composer, but his playing was far removed from the standard set by his earlier recordings for the label.
Note that the advent of the mini mill steelmaking facility is starting to challenge how far back JIT can be implemented, as the electric arc furnaces at the heart of many mini-mills can be started and stopped quickly, and steel grades changed rapidly.
Note that current CO2 levels are more than 390 ppm, far higher than at any time in the last 400, 000 years
Note that Kasparov's king is now far more exposed.
Note that the term " far field " usually means we're talking about a converging or diverging spherical wave with a pretty well defined phase center.
Note: this logic is valid only for small sources, such that the lens is in the far field region of the source, according to the 2 D < sup > 2 </ sup > / λ criterion mentioned previously.
Note that the boring on the far right cuts through a shell in the matrix.
Note that this definition of the area does not correspond directly with the Local Government ward of the same name which for administrative convenience includes areas as far south as Morden South railway station.
Note that, so far, the metaclass inheritance chain exactly follows that of the class inheritance chain.
Note: Packages are not as far along in the development cycle as the tools.
( Note that following this tie in the voting, the system for voting was changed in a way that did not eliminate the chances for ties for the Cy Young Award, but it did make this tie far more unlikely.
" I have not been able " would be written, " avnba " ( Note that to the eye of the reader this phrase written in shorthand looks like " I-have-not-been-able ", and so phrasing is far more legible than a longhand explanation of the principle may lead one to believe ).
Note on Chilam Balam-The proposed grade was 9b + and has sparked an onslaught of online controversy around the world, “ I cannot take Bernabé's proposal seriously as I can't see any references that would demonstrate his skills of climbing at such a high level — far above the rest of the world.
Note the captain steering the canal boat and the towing donkey on the towpath on the far side.
Note the numbers given for each difficulty level are similar to DDR's 1-10 " footers ," except ITG removed the footer label and added 3 additional difficulties, far surpassing the hardest 10-footers in DDR.
( Note: as of Eigen 3. 0. 3, the BLAS interface is not built by default and the documentation refers to it as " a work in progress which is far to be ready for use ".
Note that the task of defining ( and counting the number ) of cognate words in the list is far from trivial, and too often is subject to dispute, because cognates do not necessarily look similar, and recognition of cognates presupposes knowledge of the sound laws of the respective languages.
Note that all records are fictional, and only date as far as 2000, the last completed season of the comic strip.

Note and State
* State Department Background Note: Cambodia
* U. S. State Department Background Note: Colombia
* U. S. Department of State Background Note on Afghanistan
* U. S. State Department Background Note: Ecuador
* U. S. State Department Background Note: Micronesia
* Background Note: Guatemala-Information from the US State Department
* 2003 U. S. Department of State Background Note of Albania
* U. S. State Department Background Note: Kiribati
* Background Note: Mauritania-History from the US State Department.
* U. S. State Department Background Note: Nauru
* U. S. State Department Background Note: Palau
* U. S. State Department Background Note: Papua New Guinea
* US Department of State Background Note: Tonga
* U. S. State Department Background Note: Uruguay
* U. S. State Department Background Note: Suriname
* U. S. State Department Background Note: Uganda
* U. S. State Department Background Note: Marshall Islands
In the Bryan Note issued by Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan on March 13, 1915, the U. S., while affirming Japan's " special interests " in Manchuria, Mongolia and Shandong, expressed concern over further encroachments to Chinese sovereignty.
* Original text from U. S. State Department Background Note: Cambodia
* U. S. State Department State. gov, Background Note: Poland
* U. S. State Department Background Note: Uganda
In Background Note: Philippines, under Government and Political Relations, the U. S. Department of State writes: " Members of the Congress tend to have weak party loyalties and change party affiliation easily.
Note: Ramirez is assistant professor of Religious Studies at Arizona State University.

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