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Some Related Sentences

Note and picture
Note: This picture shows a metal, not a semiconductor.
Note white plagioclase ' microlites ' in cross-polarized light picture, surrounded by very fine grained volcanic glass.
Note that unlike in the picture, the triangular setup in the cue game of eight-ball corresponds to an arithmetic progression 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 = 15.
Note that PAL / 625 / 25 VCRs allow playback of SECAM ( and MESECAM ) tapes with a monochrome ( black and white ) picture ( and vice-versa ) as the line standard is the same.
Note the white Madison Limestone repeated, with one example in the foreground ( that pinches out with distance ) and another to the upper right corner and top of the picture.
Note that this equation only holds when the density operator is taken to be in the Schrödinger picture, even though this equation seems at first look to emulate the Heisenberg equation of motion in the Heisenberg picture, with a crucial sign difference:
Note the white Madison Limestone repeated, with one example in the foreground ( that pinches out with distance ) and another to the upper right corner and top of the picture.
* Note: The illustration picture also shows how the clues of 2 will be further completed.
Note that a naive perturbation theory around one of those two vacua would never show this non-perturbative tunneling effect, dramatically changing the picture of the vacuum structure of this quantum mechanical system.
Note, however, that at high mutation rates this picture is somewhat simplistic.
Note the commander's sight on the right and gunner's sight on the left side of the picture.
Tumbled gemstone s. ( Note that four of the items in the picture are not tumbled )
** the U. S. Ten Thousand Dollar Note has a picture of Salmon P. Chase.
Note that it logically follows that all photography distorts the image beheld by the eye because the film surface is flat in the manner of the picture plane.
:: Note: The image comment is displayed above the picture when you click on any thumbnail, and is embedded in the JPG or GIF file.
Note the three-masted lugger rig with the foremast stepped well forward, she will have set a jib from the bowsprit which is steeved up in this picture.
Note building from which the famous 1903 " bird's-eye " photo was taken ( see box above for the picture ).
Note that in the picture the original road is the overgrown bank on the left, not the farm track on the right.
Note: this picture is obsolete, following S + C / AUH's recalculation of their series in 2005 / 06.
Two locomotives pulling passenger trains on the miniature railway ( Note the Crazy Frog picture on the window of the miniature British Rail Class 35 )
Note that this is from the same picture as the older Image: Benjamin_Rush. png but the proportions have not been distorted.
Note: The second picture on this page is not in fact Rockfleet castle, but another of Gráinne O ' Malley's castles, Carrickildownet Castle ( Irish: Carraig Chilldamhnait or Caisleán Charraig Chilldamhnait, also called Caisleán Ghráinne-Gráinne's Castle )-it is on the Atlantic Drive on Achill Island, east of Cloughmore.
Note that the sea-level was much lower than shown in this picture.

Note and right
Significant progress in implementing the right to food at national scale in Africa, Latin America and South Asia " United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, Briefing Note 01, 14 May 2010.
Note pneumatic tube canisters in console to the right.
Note that under this implementation the input string is scanned from right to left.
An alternative recording method not requiring a grid is also in use, where positions on a board are labeled left to right by letters a through h and top to bottom ( far-to-near ) by digits 1 through 8 ( Note that this is the opposite of the chess standard, with numerals running upward away from the side ( White ) that has a through h left to right, and also that the perspective may be that of either player ( with no fixed standard )), so that the very first move of a game may be ( based upon standard starting set-up ) d3, c4, f5 or e6.
Note that because the meaning of binary messages is not hardwired into Smalltalk-80 syntax, all of them are considered to have equal precedence and are evaluated simply from left to right.
Note the correct layout of this type, in the image to the right.
Note that the center " neutral " terminal is grounded to the transformer " tank ", and a Ground ( electricity ) | grounded conductor ( electricity ) | conductor ( right ) is used for one leg of the primary feeder.
Note that the fronted variant caused by umlaut was originally allophonic ( i. e. a variant sound automatically predictable due to the context ), but later became phonemic ( a separate sound in its own right ) when the context was lost but the variant sound remained.
Note that the flatter-bottomed karahi ( right ) is sitting on an ordinary burner cover, while the round-bottomed wok is balanced on a wok-ring
The Note was thus added by papal authority, consistently with the idea that the consent of the Pope, as head of the College of Bishops was necessary, and that he had the " right to make his consent dependent on an interpretation determined in advance ".
Note the monument to the right of the castle tower.
Note: This is not the same as the probability that those parameters are the right ones, given the observed sample.
Note form tractors on each side of the paper and carriage control tape in upper right.
Note in the graphic on the right the strong 120, 000-year periodicity of the cycles, and the striking asymmetry of the curves.
Note however that a right inverse of F ( i. e. a functor G such that FG is naturally isomorphic to 1 < sub > D </ sub >) need not be a right ( or left ) adjoint of F. Adjoints generalize two-sided inverses.
Note that starting to the right of the azeotrope point results in the same stepwise process closing in on the azeotrope point from the other direction.
Note that Wèi Wǔ Dì Cáo Cāo was never a sovereign in his own right but his son was.
Note that the figure to the right implies that the MAC occurs at a point where leading or trailing edge sweep changes.
Note however that the Social-Economic Council has the special right to make and enforce legislation on several sectors, mostly in agriculture.
Note the example color legend shown at right.
" Note that in a cryptic clue, there is almost always only one answer that fits both the definition and the wordplay, so that when you see the answer, you know it is the right answer-although it can sometimes be a challenge to figure out why it is the right answer.

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