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Note and panel
Note: If 1/2-inch panel board is used inside and out, or 5/8-inch one side and 3/8-inch the other, and 1/8-inch glass is used, stock lumber in Af, Af, and Af can be used in making the glass panels.
Note that front panel sizes are slightly less than the subrack sizes: for example a 3U front panel may only be high whereas the 3U subrack itself is high.
Note plugboard control panel used to program the 604, at bottom.
Note that the panel connector is shrouded for safety reasons.
In conjunction with the show, Harnetiaux, Domski and the artists ' non-profit organization NurtureART curated an International Post-it Brand Note Art exhibit and a panel discussion with various artists.

Note and Project
< cite > Project Management Institute Practice Standard for Work Breakdown Structures, Second Edition ( 2006 )</ cite > ISBN 1-933890-13-4 ( Note: The Second Edition is an extensive re-write of the Practice Standard.
* Jerome H. Saltzer, Experimental Additions to the RUNOFF Command ( Programming Staff Note 40, Project MAC, Cambridge, 1965 )
( Note: E. Gaboury was Design Architect ; Number Ten Architectural Group was Project Architect.
* 2004: Richard Hallebeek Project, Richard Hallebeek, with Brett Garsed, Liquid Note Records
1 ( Dreadformation ); New Groove: The Blue Note Remix Project, Vol.
( Note: Although also under the auspices of Bar-Ilan University, this project is unrelated to the Bar-Ilan Responsa Project.
Pedro Pietri wrote and publicly recited his best known poems, " Puerto Rican Obituary " and " Suicide Note of a Cockroach in a Low Income Project ", at Young Lord events.
* Hommage an Klaus Kinski-Nobu Stowe-Lee Pembleton Project ( 2007 ) Soul Note Records
Note: This synopsis is consistent with the published novel in its final form ( c. 1951 ) but differs in detail from the original 1928 text as transcribed at Project Gutenberg.
For example, the series Ballad of a Shinigami, Black Butler, Bleach, Death Note, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Touhou Project, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Soul Eater use or have used shinigami as a major plot device.
* 1990: The Manhattan Project ( Blue Note )
* Currency Note Research and Development Project, CSIRO, Division of Chemicals and Polymers Guide to Records
Note that there is an instrumental electro-rock band from England called The Shadow Project.
She has provided the voice of Mirai Yashima ( Mobile Suit Gundam ), Dorothy Catalonia and Catherine Bloom ( Gundam Wing ), Near ( Death Note ), Shampoo ( Ranma ½ ), Kagome's mother ( InuYasha ), Misa Takatsuki ( Project ARMS ), and Kid Trunks, Chaotzu and Puuar ( Dragonball Z ), among many others.

Note and offices
* Extension of the Bank to the north-west, the exterior wall was extended around the junction of Lothbury and Princes Street, forming the ' Tivoli Corner ' which is based on the Temple of Vesta, Tivoli that Soane had visited and much admired, halfway down Princes street he created the Doric Vestibule as a minor entrance to the building and within two new courtyards that were surrounded by the rooms he built in 1790 and new rooms including printing offices for banknotes, the £ 5 Note Office and new offices for the Accountants, the Bullion Office off the Lothbury Court ( 1800 – 1808 ).
Note that many post offices within a medium to large city do not have general delivery, and mail addressed to these zip codes will either be forwarded to the Main Post Office or returned to sender.
Note: County detectives, who are maintained in the northeastern states by county attorneys ' offices, fall within this category.

Note and Atlanta
Note that the last ' demonstration sports ' to be officially demonstrated were more than ten years ago, at the 1996 games in Atlanta.
Among the more popular spots in Underground Atlanta were Dante's Down the Hatch, Scarlet O ' Hara, The Blarney Stone, The Rustler's Den, The Front Page, The Bank Note, and Mulenbrink's Saloon, where Atlanta's Piano Red, under the name Dr. Feelgood and the Interns, played from 1969 to 1979.
Note: The Atlanta Flames transferred to Calgary and were renamed the Calgary Flames.
Note that Birmingham actually grew up around a major junction of north-south and east-west railroads, just as Atlanta, Georgia, did.
Note: As per the rules of the NFL playoffs prior to the 1990 season ( notwithstanding the strike-shortened 1982 season ), the Pittsburgh Steelers ( the AFC 1 seed ) did not play the Houston Oilers ( the 5 seed ), nor did the Los Angeles Rams ( the NFC 1 seed ) play the Atlanta Falcons ( the 4 seed ), in the Divisional playoff round because those teams were in the same division.
< cite id =" fn_1 "> Note 1: </ cite > Pioneers History of Atlanta ( 1901 )

Note and is
( Note: So far as State Police cars are concerned, only their replacement is under this division ).
Note, however, that it is six inches shorter at the forward end.
Note another piece of wood six inches wide is fastened to the transom between these pieces.
Note that the mass threshold is four times that of 1958 Alpha and that the flux is one fifth as large.
Note that the mass scale is one to two orders of magnitude greater than some previously used ; ;
Note also that if Af, then Af is divisible by the polynomial p, because Af contains each Af as a factor.
Note that flexural strength is not always improved by simply increasing the density, nor is the change always proportional from one formulation to another.
Most European domestic power supplies run at 230 V, so the current drawn by a particular European appliance ( in Europe ) will be less than for an equivalent American one ( in the United States ).< ref group =" Note "> The formula for power is given by
Note that this premise uses the phrase " is not ", a form of " to be "; this and many other examples show that he did not intend to abandon " to be " as such.
Note: This list is limited to linguists who have worked specifically on the Altaic problem since the publication of the first volume of Ramstedt's Einführung in 1952.
Note that any model of ZF ¬ C is also a model of ZF, so for each of the following statements, there exists a model of ZF in which that statement is true.
Note that there is no directly corresponding concept in the German language.
Note that " completeness " has a different meaning here than it does in the context of Gödel's first incompleteness theorem, which states that no recursive, consistent set of non-logical axioms of the Theory of Arithmetic is complete, in the sense that there will always exist an arithmetic statement such that neither nor can be proved from the given set of axioms.
Note that the above formula is only applicable to classical ideal gases and not Bose – Einstein or Fermi gases.
Note that this pressure increase is more than a simple 10: 1 compression ratio would indicate ; this is because the gas is not only compressed, but the work done to compress the gas has also heated the gas and the hotter gas will have a greater pressure even if the volume had not changed.
Note that this is not the same as a monophyly in which all descendants of a common ancestor are included.
Note: because Solar System bodies are never perfect diffuse reflectors, astronomers use empirically derived relationships to predict apparent magnitudes when accuracy is required.
Note that this is subtly different to the ' thanks ' list in the original BBC Model B.

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